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Hey everyone!

So as most of you already know by now, we recently moved into a new office. It's super fun and colorful and one of the really neat features is the chalkboard wall. Basically, we covered a wall in chalkboard paint and turned it into a gigantic canvas. Every Friday, our artists (and others like myself who are not so artistic!) get together and change the image on the wall. Hey, its chalk, so its easy to do right?

This week the wall has a variety of animals and a chalk rendition of the now infamous badly restored Jesus painting that has swept the internet!:
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Last week it was food (and some animals acting as food!):
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User Image

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to have a contest to let you suggest what we should put on the wall! Pitch your ideas here and if your idea is selected, we'll not only try our best to recreate it on the wall, but you'll win a cool 100,000 gold for the suggestion! We'll also show you pictures of the finished product, maybe even a video of it being created!

Details on how to enter the "Chalk it Up to Fun" contest below!

Have a chalkeriffic week!
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When is the contest and what is it about about?:
Starting this week, we'll be taking suggestions for themes to put on our chalkboard wall in the office! Each Friday, we'll pick a new design suggested by a member of the Gaia community and try our best to recreate your vision on our wall! Just think of it - Gaia artists and staff will bring your vision to life with chalk! At least we'll try our best to capture your idea and, well, chalkify it!

That sounds great! What are the prizes???:
It IS great - great fun! And speaking of great, if your idea is selected, you'll win a cool 100,000 gold and have your idea drawn on our wall. Perhaps we can even draw your username on the board!


I really want to enter - HOW DO I ENTER?!?!:
Great question! Entering this contest is really simple - you simply post your theme suggestion in this thread. Suggestions should be posted in the following format for ease of review:

a) Username
b) Theme Idea
c) Brief description of your vision

Here is what a sample entry should look like:
a) siskataya
b) Robots in Space
c) I'd love to see a mural of robots flying around space in crazy spaceships. There should be planets and stars all around them, and they should be fending off attacks from flying space rhinos and chickens. There should also be random pandas - everyone loves pandas!

How many times can I post theme suggestions each week?:
Enter as many times as you like!

I am not from the USA - can I still enter the contests?:
Sure you can, as long as your country allows you to enter contests like this! Everyone is welcome to suggest a theme.

How will the winners be chosen?:
Winners will be chosen at random - we'll just pick a suggestion that we feel is great! This can be because we think it is funny, touching, inspiring, etc. As long as the idea is a great one, it's game!

How will the winners be notified?:
If you are a winner, I (siskataya) will send you a private message on Gaia letting you know you won that week's contest! These will probably be sent out on Monday biggrin

What if two entries are the same - how will you decide who wins?:
While we suspect this won't happen given the level of theme detail we requested, if two entries are so similar that they are conceivably the "same" and this theme is a winning theme, we will pick the first one posted in the thread. Better get your good ideas in quick! biggrin

Are any suggestions off-limits?:
Yes - no inappropriate suggestions! All themes suggested must be appropriate for the Gaia community. No suggesting things that are violations of our Terms of Service. Making such a suggestion will net you a warning for trolling or other action against your account.

Will this contest ever end?:
We aren't anticipating it will end, but you never know - down the line it is possible it could come to a close. Consider this a friendly heads-up just in case! XD
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Week 1 - Sept. 13, 2012 - PadfootPet for the suggestion: "I would like to see robots made out of cardboard boxes, YO-YOs, the hopscotch, a castle made out of cards, a chess piece... things everyone played with when they were kids!"

Edit: My apologies - I wrote 'PadfootPal" on the board and not "PadfootPet" - d'oh! I'll correct this on Monday biggrin I was tired! gonk

See the mural being created here!:

Week 2 - Sept. 14, 2012 - Sept. 20th - thebillman1993 for the suggestion of pirates! We are all about pirates this week, so congrats! You were the first to post this suggestion during the contest time frame, so you win! biggrin

Week 3 - Sept. 21, 2012 - Sept. 27th - shiftin for her suggestion for "Words of Kindness". we thought this was a really positive, unique request, so we filled the board with words of kindness, or just things that make us happy! Congrats shiftin on winning, and thanks for the most unique idea! biggrin

Here are some pics of the board!
User Image
User Image

Week 4 - Sept 28th - October 4th: We didn't have a chalkboard drawing change this week (we have been so swamped! eek so we randomly generated a page number and post on page number to determine a winner! Congratulations to Dittles de-faerie for winning the weekly prize of 100,000 gold!
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If we have any updates or changes you need to know about, we'll post them here biggrin

UPDATE 1: Due to time factors, the chalkboard wall drawings might take place every other week. If there is a week where no new drawings are made, we'll just pick one of the existing suggestions in the thread and award that person with the gold prize! Not to worry, someone will win the prize each week even if the drawing doesn't change!

UPDATE 2: Rule Changes!
We've decided that having people post week-to-week doesn't make as much sense as just picking from the pool of posted entries. Going forward, if you have entered the contest and not won yet, your entry is still valid and will be considered! Each week we'll pick an entry to win. Entries no longer have to be posted within a certain time frame to win for a specific week - all entries are now considered available to win at any point in the contest!
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OOOOOOOOOOO i know i know....


because i always loved that kinda stuff.
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a) Captain Rammstein
b) Country stereotypes
c) Gaia is a diverse community with people all over the world. Why dont you draw up the typical sterotypes associated with the countries that are part of the gaian community? biggrin
a) magnolica
b) monsters under the bed
c) I'd like to see the chalkboard filled with whatever all of you used to imagine would hide under the bed, inside the closet, or anywhere creepy when the lights went out! Time to face those fears with pretty colored chalk, guys. ^^
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A) HellSentAngel
B) Critter Tea Party
C) I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, so perhaps a tea party with the Gaia critters (Kiki, Gwee, monsters from zOMG!) but wearing AiW costumes. Cheshire, Mad Hatter, etc.
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a) Blooming Shadow
b) Childhood Cartoons.
c) All the CARTOONS! biggrin
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Basically our Solar System, only including Gaia as a planet as well as a Zurg Spaceship and random goodies!
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a) Blackdragon0228
b) mythical characters
c) Id love to see a chalkboard full of things like unicorns, griffons, and phoenix (or whatever the plural of that may be sweatdrop )
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crystalblue angeleyes
planetary aliens
Well with all the hype about curiousity(no sign of marvin the martian) how about planets and aliens playing around on a galaxy scale, rockets and spaceships about, maybe some abductions of humans
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a) ChibiHanyou
b) NPC's back to school
c) Most of the NPC's are adults, yes, but I still think it would be really funny to see them all in a classroom with maybe Rufus or Deidrich as the teacher trying to calm the crazy "kids" down XD
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1) The Amazing Arya
2) Rainbow Ocean
3) Lots of sea critters in lots of colours.... preferably with lots of multicoloured squids
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A) I Am Secret Dormouse
B) Gangnam Style
C) Have the Gangnam Style dancing across the board http://youtu.be/60MQ3AG1c8o

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