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Magical Muse

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Off to share his dreams,
biglanky14, Teacher,
inventive and safe.
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That biglanky guy
Always oh so supah fly
Sad to say goodbye :c

...We'll miss you once again, friend. Go fulfill those excellent dreams. 3nodding
(How do I haiku; this didn't need to rhyme. :s)
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Zefius's Husband

Star Catcher

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Admin to teacher
students lucky to have.
geek made of great win.


I'm not even sure if I -could- accept a prize for this. Being rewarded for the loss of a friend isn't really all that cool. =/

GCD ain't gonna be the same without your on-the-edge chatterbox esque threads that pretty much break all the rules. ^_~
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Moonlight Seeker

Get a basketball.
But don't hit the kids with it.
Stay your old cool self.
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Dedicated Scrooge

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big lanky's new life,
though it be teaching high school,
still will have less n00bs.
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Destructive Genius

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Big Lanky Fourteen
You will be missed very much
Your stay was too short.
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Questionable Student

Star Wars, Avengers,
MLP; Lanky's cool voice
is what stuck with me emotion_kirakira

It's a haiku that rhymes, deal with it.
And have fun teaching, lanky!
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Wild Bibliophile

No more BLT?
Ohnoes! No Friday noms now!
BigLanky's thread gone emo
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Muscular Snowflake

Big Lanky farewell

Changed colour to black as ours

Bitter sweet empty space left

Haikus are meant to be cryptic! I wonder is anyone will get mine sweatdrop

Good luck in your future, hope you get everything you aim for!! We'll miss you!
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Wheezing Lunatic

Big Lanky departs
Gaia Online for a job
Teaching crazy teens
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Eloquent Flatterer

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  • Gaian 50
Hope you'll have fun teaching kids
Stay cool Padawan!

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Hallowed Prophet

Oh charming Lanky
I think I'll need a hanky
Gaia cries thank ye!
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Dangerous Ladykiller

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Why must you leave us
After just returning home
Gaia mourns again

(I hate haikus and as it turns out, I cannot write them well. However did I pass that part of English? gonk )
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Dangerous Ladykiller

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As you read each line
Remember you should pick mine
My haiku is win
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Moonlight Sweetheart

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  • Converting 1 item 100
He was already
the greatest teacher on Gaia,
become the world's best!

Great teacher Biglanky!

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