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I am sad to hear
Big lanky is leaving soon
He was lots of fun.
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Divine Guildswoman

Many thanks for listening
Thanks for Uniforms
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Tenacious Glitch

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It is hard that today is first ATA without biglanky14 so writing this even though I don't care about winning, just wanted to write it as a goodbye present.

He loved to clutter his avi
Lover of hockey
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Liberal Autobiographer

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the best admin we could have
we will all miss you~
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Sparkly Fairy

From me to you, dear
One teacher to another
Make a difference.
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Super Admin Note
Put Some Few Words Here Now
You Got A Haiku.

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In a relationship with your vacuum cleaner

Hot Dog

Justin Bieber dolls
Are to him action figures
He cleans them daily.

* Yes, we know your secret. ninja
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Animal Lover

I'm so bad at these things, but here goes my attempt...

Big cat commander
A Justin Beiber lover
Will be missed always

Good luck with your dream of being a teacher. You will be missed.
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Scholarly Storyteller

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lanky lanky oh~
thought you'd always be online
now you're all gone, yeah~

/never knew you were a bieber fan until today
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Scholarly Storyteller

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I know you're reading, I know you care
Just lurk whenever, and I'll be here
You're an ex-admin, you're still a pal
And we will never, ever, ever go out of style

Are we an item? YOU are, just sayin'
"We're just friends," but you ain't stayin'
Said "I'm a teacher," and looked right in my avi's eyes
A staff just left Gaia for the second time

And I was like lanky, lanky, lanky oh
like lanky, lanky, lanky NOOO
Like lanky, lanky lanky oh
Thought you'd always be on Gai~ Gai~

omfg how did this song get 777 million hits on youtube >.>
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Invisible Giver

For biglanky14,

Wind-swept autumn leaves,
Burning luster, lost to time,
Never forgotten.
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Imparting knowledge,
Nurture the seeds of our youth,
Go forth, biglanky!
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOO exclaim exclaim exclaim crying DONT BYE BYE ME
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Shadowy Gaian

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One with the cat head
Off to torment kids at school
Please sir, No more books! D:
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Invisible Regular

How would I have known-
Without you and Kool-Aid man-
Of the web's dangers?

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