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My Anime site. All Dubbed.

I like the overall look and feel of the site, content seems a little weak and wasn't quite sure why the front page was telling me that the content I was looking for couldn't be found.

Good thing with Wordpress is that it's very versatile, give me a shout if you need any help.
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Here's my blog. I've been doing reviews and how-tos a lot lately but the early stuff is pretty much garbage.
FunReaper.com is a site I created.

It's not finished but I really want to know how I can make it better


I am aware that my first site looks really cluttered and is a bit hard to navigate. I made it before I attended art school and threw it together in two days. That being said I am now in art school and do not have time to revamp that site over and over again (I revamped it once, coding and content only). I have gleaned much more design skills than what I had at the time. School starts in less than two weeks, so I have no time to make major revisions.. I just want to be aware of things I can improve on my future work if possible, things I am not aware of already. (form width and cluttered-ness and navigation I am already aware of.) Small revisions I can make will be feasible too.

The second site is inactive, as the users of that site have moved to facebook for their event.

EDIT: I looked at my old psd file for my first site and it looks like I merged the entire template together except some loose shapes and stuff... go figure. So yeah I won't be able to change this much image wise as I don't have all the time to do so and recode things.

I clicked on it and it gave me a 404 Error.
Lately there has been a flood of people who all seem to want their site rated. So, henceforth, let it be known that this thread is the OFFICIAL thread where you post your links for websites to be rated. Anyone who doesn't post their link in this specific thread will have their topic removed from C&T with swift efficiency! Like a ninja! ninja

The rules of this Rate My Site Thread are as follows:

1) No linking to sites that contain information/images that are against the
ToS of Gaia. Sorry gang, but that is a no no here.

2) Only post your site if you are looking for honest feedback as to how to
improve your website.

3) Any comments regarding links posted must be informative, and
constructive to the person asking for feedback. Comments such
as "OMG!!11 this site is teh suck!!11!1" or "Your site sucks, die you,
die!" or other such foolish and unhelpful rhetoric will be smote with a
rapidity that will make your head spin, and the offending poster will get
a warning.

4) When commenting on a particular site, please post which site you are
referring to, and keep all comments geared toward that particular site.
Do not make unhelpful blanket statements such as "These rule!"
or "These suck!". Such comments do not provide any useful feedback
and will be removed, and you will be warned for spamming.

5) Do not offer people gold to go visit your site. The purpose of this
thread is to provide honest, quality feedback to users so they can
improve their websites. It is not to make gold.

6) This is not a general site rating sticky; it is for sites designed and
maintained by Gaia users. Any posts to general sites will be
removed,and any users that repeatedly post such links will be warned.

The rules will be updated and amended as necessary. Have fun, and hopefully you will get some good feedback on how to make your site even more fabulous smile
these rules are too complicated! >U<
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Don't click this :C


Stickys fail, the newest comments should be first, otherwise the first comment gets all the attention from like 2 years ago... but oh well. heres mine Bag.sh
here is my websiote
http://ouija-stress.tk/ (added takes a bit ti load)
I also do website Stress Testing (see how much ur website can handle)
i do pen-testing (see if your website is hackable by exploits, Man-in-middle attacks, XSS, SQl Injections, ECT)
i also show you the con and pros of using a cheap website hosting etc.
Anyone needs help with any of these just send me a PM.

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