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For the past few days, I've been trying to access this website, but can't. So I tried to ping it and the result was a general failure, something you don't see everyday. I did some research on it but it sounds like a very vague issue.

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OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
Firefox 10.0.2

The steps I did to troubleshoot (in more or less the same order):
1. Disabled antivirus and firewall. That didn't do anything except give me the heebee jeebees.
2. Booted into safemode+networking and the ping worked. The site even loaded into IE without a hitch.
3. Booted back into normal mode and the general failure problem came back.
4. Started up msconfig and chose "Normal Startup" for startup selection.
5. Rebooted and immediately opened Firefox and it loaded the website fine for a few minutes. Then it reverted back to the same problem.
6. Opened up msconfig and the startup selection was set on Selective Startup with the Load system services and Load startup items "color-squared' in. Excuse my poor terminology.

So... it's a service or something that loads itself a few minutes after I log in, that is preventing me from accessing the site. I think...

I should also mention that my other computers can access this site just fine. Those computers are running Windows Vista and XP. Only the 7 is giving me this problem.

My questions are:
1. Why did the setting for msconfig jump back to Selective startup?
2. Any possible way I can determine what specifically is causing the issue? Besides disabling/enabling each service cause that just gruesome. But if it's the only way... so be it... //wrists
3. Or if there are any other methods to solving this, please share your wisdom.