Flash 8 help, please?
I'm a beginner with Flash 8 Professional. (ActionScript 2.0)

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I am making a 2D animated short, frame-by-frame. Layer 1 contains my backgrounds and Layer 2 contains my character animation.

Frames 1-21 use one background and frame 22+ cut away to another background, like a common cut in a movie. The character animation changes accordingly.

Is there any way to select and motion-tween frames 1-21 on both layers, while maintaining the position of frames in relation to other frames on the stage?

My main goal is to learn how to scale and move said frames in concert; to create the illusion of basic camera techniques like zoom and pan.

I do not have software like Adobe AfterEffects. The most recent version I can use is Flash CS5 (not 5.5) without the bundle for 3-D.

Nevermind, figured it out. ;P
For such a simple move it's needlessly complicated.