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I checked the stickies, couldn't find anything on this. ActiveX is driving me nuts currently. Never had this problem until...about...2-3 weeks ago? I'm not a self proclaimed computer expert, but I do know my way around my computer, and the 'net enough to know something is wrong. What, I don't know. So I'll just delve right into the problem and see what you all think.

Problem: Certain pages do not allow me to view them. Instead the wonderful and oh so unpopular "triangle of doom" pops up, stating that I need to download ActiveX in order to view this site. Now the sites that it won't let me view due to this problem have BASIC coding on them. Very minimal, nothing too flashy. And its random on whether it pops up on the same site more than once per cache cleaning, or deletion of all offline content and temp internet files.

Being the ever curious person I am, I tried to download this ActiveX installion. However it I get the hourglass busy signal and sit around, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for it to do -something-. Which it doesn't. Or, doesn't appear to anyway. An hour before I tried to download the ActiveX installation for the billionth time, I had cleaned my computer by Ad-Aware, and a few other anti spy-crap programs. My computer had been running for up to 5 days with no problem what so ever. I click the download....wait and wait and wait...and check Ad-Aware, and boom, I have 134 critical files. All spy crap, that wasn't on my computer before.

If there's any hardware information you might need to help detect this particular...problem (though I doubt hardware is an issue here,) I'll answer with that info soon as I can get back to the computer. I have to shut down and fix a fan that is dust clogged, but as soon as I'm done I'll be back. I figured I'd post this up and see what kinda answers I get, or at least some ideas to try to rid myself of whatever the hell has decided to attach to my system. *grumbles*

Thanks, in advance, for your help guys. I really do appreciate it. This has me stumped completely. I have looked up for problems similar to this till my fingers turned blue and haven't found anything at all that makes any sense. Even if the answer is right in front of my face and completely obvious, if someone could point me in that direction it'd be most helpful. Just hope I explained the problem enough. O_o

ActiveX is specific to Internet Explorer. If you are not using IE, Maxthon, or Avant, make sure that your browser identity string is not set to mimic the IE identifier string.

If you are running an IE shell or IE, check your ActiveX settings in Security or Advanced.
My security settings are default, it only started happening a couple of weeks ago, there weren't any changes to my comp made then. If I change the defaults for active x it downloads more spy crap to my computer when visiting a site that bugs me about it.

This is a screen cap of what starts it all.

Is it some kind of bug that's attacking the ActiveX settings within my computer, or what could it be? Everyone else I've talked to is at a loss....
Do you have the address of the website (or websites) that does this?
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They have SP2 also, which might be of cause.
Service pack 2? I might have downloaded that as an update to my computer.... I'm just trying to rule out whether or not its a virus that might be unrecognised on my computer and therefore destroying things little by little. I don't see signs of anything else going wrong other than spy crap being downloaded...however I'm pretty sure not all viruses show signs of deterioration at first...

Some sites that do this for me are as follows:


http://www.shatteredspirits.cjb.net/ <-- a friends personal site..

I've noticed its done a lot on the CJB.Net pages, but not limited to it. I don't know if that helps any or not...I've never had a problem with CJB.Net redirection URL's before, up until this problem started, if that helps any. *tries to be helpful, isn't very much so though, because of the fact that she can't explain things understandably* >.< I really do appreciate the help so far and ideas.

I'll dig up more sites that aren't CJB sites as I find them.. Half the time I'm searching for something and don't check the site url...
Under Firefox I get an error message from CJB.net saying "The requested URL was not found", but in IE I see the same problem as you. I don't have ActiveX enabled here.

The "enable ActiveX" instruction that you see is a Flash movie rather than an error message from your browser - I don't know how to find out where it downloaded from in Firefox (I use Opera at home), but presumably it's coming from CJB or one of their advertisers.
Yeah, her site was deleted, I just asked her about it....however it just doesn't make sense why CJB is showing these blasted messages. I suppose it probably is SP2, but how to fix it so it stops and so I can see the sites that are still up and working...is beyond me and boggling my mind. Then too I don't have much of a mind left to lose at the moment >.<
I tried it again with Opera (I'm at home now), and that gives the same result as Firefox - it just goes to the usual CJB error for when you try to go to a site that doesn't exist. "Don't use IE" would be the best advice I can think of, when there are much better alternatives out there.

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