SQUAWK! It's that time of year again, Gaians! Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and to celebrate I'm going to be offering everyone a feast of fun activities to be thankful for!

Switchem has returned with brand new Thanksgiving-themed flair, and a whole new item set sure to help you look your best for the holiday!

On top of that, the Gobble Gobble Bang Bang! game based on Frontier Skies is making its triumphant return to Gaia! Time to go hunt some turkeys... erm, I mean tofurkeys! You don't want to hunt turkeys at all, do you? No one wants to hurt a turkey. I'm told we taste awful, like year old gym socks. You'll earn tickets and even an achievement as you fight for the type of food you like the most (hint: the correct answer is veggies).

And, of course, I'll be popping into the occasional conversation in the Happy Thanksgiving! forum to shower you with my wealth of turkey knowledge. Not many people realize how clever a bird we turkeys are, but there's a reason we haven't gone extinct after all these Thanksgiving celebrations! If you're lucky, I just might give you something to celebrate too.

So get ready to get festive, Gaians! Thanksgiving is officially here, gobble! Don't spend too much time at the dinner table though, the festivities will end at 12:00pm PST on Monday December 2nd so act now and make sure you're not too late!