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Hey there, friends and well-wishers! It's almost time for me to gauge up my shirt sleeves again, due in no small part to the fact that I've turned an obsolete fax machine into a makeshift pommel horse. Twenty minutes on that baby a day while you're waiting for your faxes to send and you'll see results! Speaking of results, one way to try your hand at investing is to take advantage of the Advance Chance!

    User Image What will the next CI be? Nobody knows, but you’ll get the first crack at it with the September Advance Chance. On the day of the next CI release, you’ll be able to open your bundle and start reaping the rewards of your CIs hours before they’re released to the general public, so you can start listing items on the Marketplace when hardly anyone has their hands on them yet.

September's CI will be available mid-month. Don't miss out on a chance to prosper!