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Bend your ears this way, friend-- I've got some news you're going to want to hear. zOMG! has some things on the way, and your pal Nicolae's got the inside scoop.

  • My frontier friends say they've heard rumblings of a new area called Dead Man's Shadow. Word has there are new quests waiting for hearty adventurers, but there's also some kind of dangerous overlord brooding over the place. I'll let you know when I have better intel-- it sounds like it'll be a few months before Dead Man's Shadow is open for all.

  • You might've noticed that Gold just ain't worth what it used to be. When I was a boy, if you could steal five Gold you'd live like a king for a week! To get this inflation under control, the Gold granting in zOMG! will be more like what you can expect elsewhere in the Gaia world. Part of the reason is to be fair to Gaians who don't spend time in zOMG!, but also to keep Marketplace prices under control for guys like me-- humble shopkeepers trying to make an occasionally honest living.

  • For the zOMG! champs out there-- I'm talking to you, buddy-- you can still bring home the shiny bacon with the new Gold Potion. Rub your body down with one of these (or drink it) and you'll earn more Gold on your zOMG! adventures for three days. Just click on it in your inventory to activate and you'll be living the high life. I've partnered with the dudes in the Cash Shop to get these potions to you quicker.

  • Where am I getting these Gold Potions, you ask? None of your business, that's where! Just messin' with you-- I'm getting them from the good folks clearing the way to Dead Man's Shadow. Buying Gold Potions gets that project closer to completion and fills your pockets; you can help others by helping yourself.

You're going to want to be ready when Dead Man's Shadow opens. Head over to the Cash Shop to grab some Gold Potions-- they're only available there for the time being, but I should be adding them to my own shelves eventually.