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Gaians, welcome to the world of Heralds of Chaos! Choose your side, fight for control of strange lands, cast powerful spells, and battle vicious enemies to take dominion over a world descending into oblivion.

If you’ve played collectible card games, Heralds of Chaos gameplay will ring familiar—build an army, summon units, perform attacks, and cast spells from hundreds of cards available. Customize your deck, command your army on an ever-changing world map, and use strategic thinking to outwit and defeat your opponents.
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Heralds of Chaos is currently in a special open beta available only to Gaians. Not only will you receive a special item in your Gaia inventory for completing your first game, you’ll earn Gold each time you play, and you’ll be among the first to check out the game before it launches elsewhere and on other platforms. Watch the official trailer, then suit up and conquer your opponents! The Heralds of Chaos forum is a great place to get started. See you in-game!

Heralds of Chaos!

(A couple of notes: First, we strongly recommend playing Heralds of Chaos using the Firefox web browser for the time being. No worries Chrome Gnomes, Ras-Safarians, and others, we're working on optimizing the game for other browsers, too! Second, this is a "metered release," meaning we'll be watching for any performance or stability issues as Gaians sign up and begin playing. If it looks like the game's performance is beginning to be affected by the increasing activity, we may temporarily close the game to new players. If you aren't able to get in right away, don't fret! We'll put you on a list and send you a PM when the game's ready for you. )