Gaia Convention Tour: New York Anime Festival 2008!

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    Gaia Online will be stopping by New York Anime Festival this weekend, and we hope to see you there!

      Where: New York, New York

      When: September 26th - September 28th

      What: Fun, prizes, activities etc!

    Experience the exciting Gaia Panel at 1:30PM on Saturday, September 27th in Pop Culture Panel Room 1A21. This is the main Gaia event for the weekend. As usual, we'll be bringing plenty of free Gold cards and lots of other great prizes for a few lucky winners, including shirts, plushies, and a jumbo Kiki Kitty plushie. You'll also get a sneak peek at some new screenshots from the long-awaited Gaia MMO, zOMG!, as well as a preview of some new Gaia merchandise. Be sure to bring your best questions to ask the staff in our open Q & A session during the panel.

    As a bonus, all panel attendees on Saturday will receive a special limited-edition ring for use in zOMG!

    Also, be sure to stop by the official Gaia Gathering at 3:00PM on Sunday, September 28th in Anime Fandom Panel Room 1A14. Come hang out and get to know your fellow Gaians, play fun games and win prizes!

    For more info on New York Anime Festival and all the latest news on the Gaia Convention Tour, visit our convention home page.

CBS Early Show Update:

    Unfortunately, the event at the CBS Early show on Monday September 29th has been canceled. We'll be rescheduling this event sometime soon, so be sure to check the Community Events Page for the latest updates.