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When I was a boy of just fifteen, my father sat me down and said, "Son, it's time to become an adult." At first, I didn't know what he was getting at-- I'd already grown and discarded my first three mustaches, so what more could there be to growing up?

Of course, it's probably obvious to you what he meant: I had to take a psychedelic inward journey and make contact with my spirit animal! He handed me the Guardian Totem and away I went, deep into the primal mists of my own mind. It was beautiful.

If you haven't found your own spirit animal yet, I highly recommend it. I won't tell you what mine is, since that's highly personal, but you owe it to yourself to meet your animal guide and become attuned to the wild instincts of your heart.

Plus, your spirit journey will always yield a great reward! You might wind up with a valuable rare item, a luxurious Cash Shop treasure or one of these brand new exclusives:

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Grab a Guardian Totem today and discover your spirit animal! Or buy a bundle and get a whole supernatural menagerie of different spirit animals, which is possible for some reason!