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This week's top news...
  • The Trick or Treat Tote has reached its final evolution and will be leaving soon!
  • Picolitrosso's Urn has finished evolving!
  • New evolutions from Padmavati's Lotus and the Fallen Wish!
  • Jack returns for a bit more Halloween fun...

Dr. Singh: Hey, everybody, welcome to the Evolving Item Report-- and Happy Halloween! As you can see, my buddy Jack is filling in the co-host slot again this week. We've got a pretty brief update today, so let's get through it quick so you can get back to all your trick-or-treating. What do you say, Jack?

    Jack: Yessss. Keep bringing me that delicioussss candy, my friendssss.

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Dr. Singh: Well, what a coincidence: candy is the first order of business this week! The Trick or Treat Tote is reaching its final evolution today! I can't wait to see what those mischievous little candy corn critters are up to. Maybe Jack can tell us! Do you know these little guys, Jack?

    Jack: What, just because I'm a giant sssscary pumpkin-man, I'm supposed to be friendssss with all the candy corn? That's racissssst, Dr. Singh.

Dr. Singh: I, uh... no! That's not what...

    Jack: Aww, you know I'm just messssssing with you. I do know this, though: the Trick or Treat Tote is leaving the Cash Shop very ssssoooon! If you don't pick one up before next Friday, you shall be forever out of luck.

Dr. Singh: Another big story this week: Picolitrosso's Urn has reached its final evolution as well! This has been one of our biggest and most elegant evolving items ever-- so big, in fact, that we couldn't quite fit all the poses in! A few had to be trimmed out for now, but the creator went about it in a very scientific way: she ran a user poll to decide which poses would be temporarily cut.

    Jack: What an exquissssite item it turned out to be...

Dr. Singh: In other news, some of our finest premium items are evolving this week, as well: Padmavati's Lotus and the fabulous Fallen Wish are all getting some incredible new poses! Pay close attention to the Wish this week, everyone... this is destined to be one of the finest items ever, and it's already picking up some serious steam.

    Jack: Remember to visit the delicioussss Flynn in the Gaia Cash Shop to pick up any of these exccccellent items.

    Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

Dr. Singh: Bye bye, Gaians! Remember to go say howdy to our friend Jack when you're out trick-or-treating in Towns. Oh, and don't forget to vote in our evolving item poll!

    Jack: Pleasssant dreamssss! Stick around for a quick word from Flynn... she has some urrrrgent Cash Shop info...
Quick update on some Cash Shop changes coming up! A few of our coolest items are leaving the shop very soon, so this is your last chance to snag 'em:

  • The Nightmare Box will leave the shop on Monday!

  • The Trick or Treat Tote will leave the shop next Friday!

  • The Enchanted Book and Yama no Tamago will leave the shop next Friday!

Don't miss out, because these awesome items won't be coming back any time soon!

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