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Another week of exciting advancements in the field of Evolving Item science! Not only do we have a thrilling update to an existing EI, we've got a brand-new Rapid EI making its debut. Let's have a look:

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    User ImageNew! Paramour's Break Knox clasped Vera's hand and gave it a light squeeze. "We're in this together then..?" Vera gazed into Knox's eyes and nodded solemnly. "Together." He brushed her hair back and linked a delicate chain around her neck. The pendant was that of their team emblem. She smiled at him and they took a deep breath.

    At once, they burst out the door, guns blazing and swords flying. Nothing would get in their way to escape the syndicate. They would live their dream to escape to a better life...but that would not come without one final trial...

    User Image This week in the Song of Amour: the stranger appears before Faith again. She notices his sheath and becomes nervous as he approaches her. Before he can say a word, her boss intrudes and vows to have the stranger killed by his men if he approaches Faith again. Though she usually looks shamefully downward, Faith can't resist looking up to see this mysterious man.

    Their eyes meet, and suddenly she remembers everything. Her so-called “boss” is really her kidnapper! Long ago, she was stolen away from her lover for her beautiful voice. Fidel has come to take her back. The boss, realizing who this man is was, grabs of Faith and drags her back into corridors, leaving his men behind to finish off Fidel.

My, my! All this melodrama has set my heart aflutter-- or maybe this weird thumping feeling in my chest is because I ate that delicious egg labeled "ALIEN EGG - ABSOLUTELY DO NOT EAT" from the research team's biohazard ice chest. I guess I'll find out soon enough! If you'd like one of these hot items for your personal collection, you can grab them now in the Cash Shop. Be sure to stop by the weekly EI poll and vote for your favorite!