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Hey there, EI fans! Exciting updates this week with both Song of Amour and Paramour's Break! Almost as exciting as what happened to me last weekend. I was at the mall minding my own business and fell asleep inside the smoothie shop at the food court. (Seems that 64 oz. of mango smoothie knocks you right out!) You'd think there would be plenty of smoothies to drink while waiting to be let out the next morning, but they emptied the big vats and the blenders before they left for the day, so I made my own smoothie out of both of my socks and one of my shoes. It tasted awful but it kept me alive until they unlocked the doors 45 minutes later. Oh yeah, the items!
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    User Image Paramour's Break - After clearing out the area, the lovers quickly ran across to their next destination. Vera's heels clacked against the pavement as they made their way for new cover. They knew all too well that more of their former brethren would soon infiltrate. Although they were a skewed type of family, the members were loyal to only one man and they would receive no assistance. The syndicate's cardinal rule was that once a member was initiated, they could not leave-- not unless they had a death wish.

    As expected, another wave of henchmen came upon them. As projectiles began to fly in their direction, Knox emptied his clip and quickly pulled out two smaller pistols from his jacket and continued to fire until they all went down.

    In a darkened surveillance room, a mysterious man sighed and ran his fingers through his silvery hair in annoyance as he watched the two move on... "If this keeps up, things will have to get serious."

    User Image Song of Amour - Fidel fights through the kidnapper’s men and reaches the end of the corridor. He opens the door and is surprised to find Faith locked away in a cage. With only the kidnapper now between them, he lunges upon the man and runs his sword through him. He frees Faith and the two make their exit before being caught by the kidnapper's men-- smiling and looking into each other's eyes, they leap out of an open window.

    The kidnapper's men run up and look out the window at the ground below expecting to see two bodies, but finding nothing as two love birds fly out to the horizon. The soul mates are finally reunited again.

So amazing! Please remember to vote in the weekly EI poll. Time to go sock shopping, see you next time!