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Are you ready for some Frience? You see, “Frience” was my attempt to combine the words “Friday” and “Science” into one catchy, branded buzzword. I don’t think it’s working. It looks misspelled, and it shorts out the part of your brain responsible for pronouncing stuff. In science, it was what we call “an experiment,” and it was a terrible failure. Look, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. To divert your attention to more pleasant matters, I’ve got some great Frience news: not only do we have a fantastic finale, we’ve got a brand new Rapid Evolving Item!

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    User Image New! Introducing the Art of Espionage: You stumble upon an imperial fan in your quarters; it bears the mark of royalty. A note falls out:

    “After careful review of your application, we feel that you are qualified to serve the country. Starting at break of dawn, you are to attend the academy for intensive training.”

    As you don the uniform left behind by your ancestors, you feel the adrenaline pumping into your veins. The time has finally come to prove yourself.

    User Image In the chilling finale of the Dark Heart: Desmona's eyes hardened as she dismissed her flame and drew her blade. "Ah, Annise. I lack the time for chatter, for your end is nigh!"

    Annise beheld her sister with despair and shook her head. "Desmona, you have a darkness in your heart, but it does not have to be this way."

    She stood, brushing leaves from her dress, and held out her hand towards her turbulent sister. "Please Desmona, you are beautiful and loved. Come with me. Show the people that you are not as cruel as they believe...”

    Desmona hesitated for a moment before gathering her senses. "No!" she screamed, and lunged for Annise with her blade thrust. Before the edge could pierce her heart, Annise suddenly dispersed in a glittering display into the form of a gilded bird.

    Desmona fell forwards and looked up as the bird hovered momentarily. "You mustn't listen to this dark man," Annise uttered wistfully before flying away.

    Back at her lair, Desmona contemplated her bitter failure. Her eyes glazed over with tears as she recalled Annise's kind words, and her heart began to ache at the thought of being reunited with her sister.

    "Do not waste thoughts on absurd propositions, Desmona. You have failed in your quest. Do you really think this land of halfwits could love you so easily? You are as cruel and twisted as I."

    Desmona straightened herself up. "Please...tell me...who are you?" A sudden sharp pang shot throughout Desmona; she watched in horror as her heart was torn from her chest. As Desmona fell limp to the ground, a shadowy figure emerged from the fog of the cauldron, holding the still-beating heart. "My dear, you may call me...Mephiste."

Dear me! And here I was holding out for a happy ending. You can grab these wonderful items now in the Gaia Cash Shop-- and don’t forget to stop by our weekly EI poll to let us know which ones you like best!