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Hello, my studious friends-- you're just in time for some science! This week, we're observing some very interesting new evolutions on three items, including two high-profile finales. Have a look:

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    User Image Gary's Island Adventure continues, but it gets lonely out there on that island. Thanks to his new hairstyle, Gary's met a new local love interest! She's a bit hard-headed but sweet on the inside, and Gary's nuts for her.

    User Image Daughter of Snows 2nd Gen. reaches its final stage of evolution with two gorgeous new forms! After giving chase to a mysterious white deer, Sashenka and Dima finally corner the intelligent beast at the base of the mountain. Dima moves in to make the kill, but Sashenka wrestles the sword away from him. Sitting on the ground, exhausted and in tears, the great stag approaches her and stares directly into her eyes. Its enormous, bright blue eyes with magnificent swirling tendrils throughout its irises stared deeply. Without warning, and as if the thought weren't her own, Sashenka now knew the secret of the endless winter. Her parents, desperate for a child, had prayed for and received a daughter made of snow-- the winter had been necessary to keep her alive since her birth. With a final thought and a tear, Sashenka asks the animal to return the seasons to normal. It nods, and Sashenka and Dima begin the walk home for a final farewell.

    User Image Zodiacal 13th Gen. reaches its final stages as the astrolabe completes its yearly cycle. It lifts and glows with a radiant energy, its final form taking flight and granting the owner with one final gift from each of its signs.

So exciting! Remember, Daughter of Snows and Zodiacal are available from the Cash Shop, but Gary's Island Adventure is only available through The Treehouse! What do you think of this week's updates? Use your influence as a voter and help guide the hand of evolution with just a couple clicks over at our weekly EI poll!