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Gaians! We're very excited to allow you to explore the finer points of romance from the inferno itself with an all new bundle! Do you want to snuggle up in the light of the fire pillars and listen to the screams of the damned? Does going topside to subjugate a small civilization sound like a great bonding activity? Like the sound of summoning impish familiars that can hook you up in any of the circles of Hell? If that's the case, you might just be devilish enough for this series of items!
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    User Image Succubi's Modesty - The Succubi's Modesty brings out the cute affectionate side of the notorious life-sucking demonettes. I wouldn't let your guard down around her, though! Includes a laced halo, the succubi's pink and ebony locks, frilly headband, shy arms, exaggerated bow, and pink socks with shoes.

    User Image Infernal Seduction - Take the mantle of a dark prince cast down with Infernal Seduction. Woo your chosen with acts of great tyranny! Includes a tri-cornered hat, the demon's crimson coiffure, fashionable coat, pentagram collar, gothic sleeves, thorn belt, and pin-stripped pants with boots.

    User Image Familiars of Demonic Affection - Mischief and havoc in the name of love! With the Familiars of Demonic Affection about, your dates are sure to be... erm... eventful. Includes a bouquet of blood-red roses, and a date with your handsome demon or blushing succbi!

    User Image Grab all three of the items above at once by purchasing the Demonic Date Bundle and you'll also receive the exclusive Demon Manifest!

Come visit the Cash Shop and try on individual items, or get them all at once with the bundle! The world-- and the underworld-- are your oyster!