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AutoCash is back! We hit a bit of a snag a while back when our provider was no longer able to support the service, but we're now working with Playspan to bring you all the same great value and more! Here's what you'll get for just $9.99 per month:

  • 999 Gaia Cash every month
  • 200 free bonus cash every month
  • 10% off all Cash Shop purchases through December 31st, 2011
  • An exclusive bonus item every 3 months you stay signed up

In addition, we're offering a huge incentive to re-start your AutoCash subscription. If you were an AutoCash member before, you'll get an additional one-time bonus of 300 Gaia Cash for signing back up! (Non-scary fine print: this applies to returning customers only, and can only be claimed once.)

You can sign up now with either PayPal or a credit card.