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SQUEEEEE! At long last, our letters are finally ready to open! I've been so excited for them to unseal that I've been hiccuping nonstop for a solid week! My every breath is pure agony! But it's totally worth it, because OHMIGOSH LOOK WHAT'S INSIDE!

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April's Monthly Collectibles feature a delicate porcelain doll, a super cuddly pair of teddy bears, and an adorably posed ball-jointed doll!

    Antique Porcelain Doll: A beautiful, pristine creation by a world-famous doll maker, this treasured toy is perfect for dainty tea parties. Includes a doll stand, dark brown ringlets, ribbon bow headband, painted porcelain doll skin, and more.

    Teddy Bear Brothers: A pair of wonderfully snuggable teddies, ideal for protecting you from monsters lurking under the bed. Includes two teddy bear skins, stuffed animal stitches, red and ivory neckbows, argyle sweater vest, and more.

    Antique Ball-jointed Doll: A dapper doll with fully articulated limbs and custom-made clothing, commonly used during playtime to save damsels in distress... Or even stand in as one. Includes bronze trimmed top-hat, pale blue doll eyes, faded ivory wig, ruffled shirt, and more.

W-wait -- what's this? OH MY GOODNESS. It's amazing! Not only do we have these totally super cute Monthly Collectibles, but they're going to be offered in a brand new bundle pack! You can get five Monthly Collectible envelopes for 999 Gaia Cash -- that's like getting one for freeeee! IT'S EVEN BETTER THAN GLITTER FROSTED CUPCAKES!

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