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This is Cindy Donovinh reporting for Gaia 9 Action News. Even as the holiday season approaches, recent events have been anything but cheery: we’ve seen underworld power struggles between vampires and dark elves, whispers of fiendish occult plots and a general sense of palpable dread. Some hysterical mystics have even predicted that these grim tidings could be signs of the impending apocalypse!

But despite all this doom and gloom, some Gaians are determined to hold onto their last shreds of holiday cheer. More power to them, says this award-winning newswoman-- if the world is truly ending at the end of the month, we might as well huddle around the Xmas tree and enjoy our last days together.

So, apocalypse be damned-- let’s open presents! In the spirit of the season, all Gaians are invited to grab a lovely dozen free items in our Twelve Days of Xmas giveaway. Come on over and claim your first gift, and keep coming back once a day for more!