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Honestly I don't think there is a right or wrong answer in the question of which is better. It all just depends on the fan or collector themselves. What i am saying is to one fan Marvel is better but to another DC is better It all depends on which one you prefer.
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DC.....they have batgirl...

Nuff said
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"'Go back to the Tower, Eddie' 'You don't have any powers, Eddie'

I am hardcore DC, but I love Deadpool, and since I started working in a comic shop I've been expanding my knowledge and reading Marvel too.

'Stop staring at my chest Eddie.'"
I love DC...but I am a big fan of the X men and Iron man as well smile
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continuity sucks for both companies since a lot of DC writers went to work for Marvel and took over as editors and head office guys..

aside from that DC has run out of material for decades now and they reuse the same stories over and over in the retcons. anyone that has read DC for at least 10 yrs will notice the rerun stories repackaged with a new artist.

case in point:

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Marvel all the way for me pirate
My opinion is that you can't really say one is better then the other... you can prefer one over the other but on both sides they have really strong comics that your going to love pretty much no matter what they print and then they both have the god aweful ones that you wonder how they ever got printed... lately DC has been taking there comics places i'm not sure they should have ever decided but thats just my opinion but they also produce my all time favorite comic so i can go either way on them... but marvel has some great ones as well along with capcom... comics are just one of those things that you either love or hate and it doesn't really matter who makes them just what they are about... you can say you hate one but i'm sure i can find a comic made by the other that you will enjoy and keep reading if you didn't know it was by the one you supposedly hate.

just my opinion though
It's opinion.
I like DC because it's more plot-heavy, in my opinion. Which I like.
Plus the characters just don't interest me in Marvel.
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Mostly because I like the characters more and not everyone is somehow related to Scott Summers.
Or how when a character dies they don't get revived after a few chapters.
The only characters I do like from Marvel are Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Deadpool, and Miss Marvel.
Plus I can actually trust the DC superhero's to save me and keep me safe.
I personally prefer Marvel (but I have not read much of DC so I'm a bit biased) because the characters interest me more, they have more flaws than the DC characters seem to and they, to me, seem more realistic. I also really love how Marvel uses different universes, even though it gets kind of confusing, because it makes things really interesting.
I do like series from both companies though and I'm partial to the Before Watchmen series DC is running and everything Avengers from Marvel.
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Marvel is DC. Not literally, but the two do exist in a perpetual state of monkey-see-monkey-do.
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This is interesting to read! Personally, I have no preference to which company is better then the other (unless your talking about the animated shows that were around in late 1980's - early 2000's ) since I don't read comics. Yet, I'm willing to stay and read what you all have to say. emotion_yatta
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DC, but I wish the 52 never came out. Though the olden ones were confusing, I believe they probably tried to make the fans think of one character. For example Catwoman. We might thing the purple suit catwoman, the Injustice Catwoman, theres quite a lot. With the 52, we know its the newest, so our minds will be set on one outfit.
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For me its Marvel. Even though DC has great characters like Batman, Superman and Catwoman, but I love the Marvel side more because I grew up with it and love the characters like Spiderman, Wolverine, Black Widow and Hawkeye.
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They're both pretty damn bad, in the sense that more of their titles aren't worth reading than are. That said, I feel that DC is working on more projects that interest me at the moment than Marvel is. I'm enjoying Before Watchmen, Batman is supposed to be one of the best comics out right now, and Batwoman remains a staple of mine. I don't really know what the status of my favourite Marvel titles will be after Marvel Now, and even my tried and true X-Factor has been drifting from its usually reliable, stellar self.

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