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The outfits are trending towards a disaster but I'm not ready to say Marvel is heading for 90's-ville yet. Two quick examples...Waid's Daredevil is nowhere near 90's and Captain Marvel's uniform is anti-90's. Somewhere, Thorsus is crying over that.

Do you have links to the other outfits? I haven't been paying much attention to the press and haven't seen a lot of the redesigns. I don't have anything against Iron Man's "new armor" (read: the old armor with one color swapped. Whatevs).

Captain Marvel's is ok...though the sash it superfluous. I didn't even realize Dare Devil's was a redesign. I thought it always looked like that.

It's not a redesign...I was just talking about the storylines and such in Daredevil. I probably should have been clearer on that.

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That Cyclops uniform makes me want to punch something.
Oh. Well then.

I don't actually have much of a problem with the design except I don't understand why it's red and that silly X on his face. He can't see out of that, unless his eyes have drastically changed location. Masks are one of those things you can't really futz with too much because they're a very straightforward apparatus. This is just not how human skulls work.

Also: whut with the Hulk. He looks like what you see when a football player takes off his jersey.
The nice part of that picture? Rocket Raccoon.
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Is that Cable Next to Thor?

I feel that Betsy Braddock needs a new uniform. It really hasn't changed much over the past 20 years.
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Cyclops yet. Yikes...

That is a true yikes. At first I didn't even think that was Cyclops, but it's just ew. He looked better in the 90s cartoon.

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