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Welcome to the Comic Discussion Forum!

Hello and welcome to the Comic Discussion forum!

This is the place on Gaia Online for you to discuss, debate, and talk with your fellow fans.

Anime and Manga Topics are not allowed in this forum.

Post topics about anime or manga in: Anime/Manga/Comics main forum or one of the other subforums, such as Anime Series, TV Anime, or Manga.

If you have a comic you made...

And you would like to show it off and get feedback for it, we have an entire forum for their discussion here:
Comic Creators, a subforum of art discussion.

The next few posts are guidelines and ground rules. Failure to follow them can get you in trouble. Please remember that all of the rules from the main Anime/Manga/Comics forum apply here as well.


Official Threads

Comic Discussion is not as fast a moving forum as the main A/M/C forum. And so, there is a handy listing of official threads in the next post. These official threads are there because the topics they cover are widely discussed, and often in such numbers that you could easily find a quarter of the first page devoted solely to a single one of those topics. If you wish to discuss these topics, use the Official Threads. Duplicate threads of official threads will be reported, and moved to the Recycle Bin.

Versus Topics

Versus Topics are allowed in Comic Discussion. They should discuss Western comic book characters. Anime/video game/other genere character versus Comic book character threads ARE allowed. However, if they wander too far off-topic, or are obvious attempts at trolling, they will be reported and removed from the forum.

The Official Versus Thread is located here. If you are just casually wondering what character would beat whom, or want expert advice from regulars, post your versus match here instead of starting a new thread.

If you start a new thread make sure that there is actual discussion. Topics that are just one sentence, like "Who would win, Spider-Man or Superman?" with no information on the characters or discussion, will be reported and removed from the forum.

Marvel vs. DC (Dark Horse, Vertigo, etc)

These types of threads are not allowed in Comic Discussion. It is not required to defend why you like one brand of comic book better then another. It is also not allowed to flame someone for preferring a different brand then yourself. These topics encourage both flaming and trolling, and do not foster any discussion. Marvel Vs. DC, or any topic comparing comic companies will be reported and removed from the forum.
The Official Threads Listing
This is the listing of all of the official threads in Comics Discussion. Please note that if you create a thread that is identical in subject matter to any of the threads below it will be moved to the recycle bin.

There are also threads that don't cover one specific comic or company that are useful to know about:

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