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i remember Have a ossbion over Soinc sweatdrop
Rorschach (is that how its spelt?) from watchmen
what a guy!
Rorschach (is that how its spelt?) from watchmen
what a guy!

... ...
Favorite Characters: Spiderman, Cap America, Luke Cage, Patriot, Wiccan, Hulking, Kate Bishop, Vision, Stature, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, among others...

Favorite Series: Young Avengers, New Avengers, Last Hero Standing, Spiderman: House of M, and Generation M (so far)
Bone comics are the BEST!!
man the best comics ever are JTHM, Squee, Seth, Nightscape, And the Crow!!!!! They are so hilariously funny! stare
My favorite hero is (stop me if you've heard this one before) Superman. I just love everything he represents, how he's so superhuman and human at the same time. Yeah, he's awesome.

My favorite comics are probably Superman: Man of Peace, Kingdom Come, Crisis on Infinite Earths and Sandman.

And Alex Ross is my hero.
I really can't decide who my favourite hero or villian is.. Too many to choose from

But my favourite titles that are out right now are Runaways, Y: The last Man, Ex Machina, Ultimate X-men (Yah, I love BKV's work if you hadnt already guessed.), Noble Causes, Young Avengers, X- factor, Strangers in Paradise, Fables, The Walking Dead, Exiles(especially Winnick's run.), Cable and Deadpool, She-Hulk, Supreme Power, New X-men: Academy X, Teen Titans, and others that can't come into mind right now. (Yah, I read too many a month. I should really cut down on singles and go to trades.)

One Graphic Novel I enjoyed greatly was Blankets. Even when I read it now I still get teary eyed. Craig Thompson is a pretty awesome writer, I still have yet to read 'Good-Bye Chunky Rice' by him. Maybe I will get it for the holidays.
Favorite Hero:

Favorite Villain:
Solomon Grundy
Favorite Characters

Dr. Fate
Green Lantern


Moon Knight

Favorite Villain (Now): Eclipso

Current Favorite Comics:
Identity Crisis
X-Men Deadly Genesis
Spider-Man The Other
Marvel Team-Up
My favorite character is Dream from The Sandman. I thought it was interesting how he developed throughout the story. There was so much going on with Dream and how everything he did tied into the end...His dark speech bubbles were cool too.
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Dangerous Prophet

I am a die-hard fan of Transmetropolitan. Spider Jerusalem-- and Warren Ellis by proxy-- is the man. I love him so much, I have one of his tattoos. There are a few other series/characters I like (My evil friend Twistex just got me hooked on Y and now I'm gonna have to read it), but Transmet has always been my favorite.
I really love Jhonen Vasquez's stuff as well as Hellboy and BPRD comics (Mignola is god). Then of course there's Sin City and Miller's Batman work. Same with Loeb's and Sale's Batman stuff. Also David Mack's Kabuki is just gorgeous. I've also been digging "The Walking Dead" stuff by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.
Favourite Comic Book Character?
I'd have to say the Red-eyed Cajun Thief, Gambit, from X-Men. Of course, Sage follows closely behind, basing favouritism of her specifically on her abilities.

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