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im not a nerd so i dont read comics
I am a huge nerd And you are on here why. Nerds are the nwo Nerd World Order. You can be a nerd and popular these days. It is not hard to enjoy a book or a movie Comics are the same way there are thousands millions even give some a try you will like some. Dont have to be a nerd to enjoy visual literature
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long live the queen!
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Characters I absolutely adore:
d**k Grayson (all the other Robins are good too)
Billy Kaplan
Teddy Altman
Black Widow
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop version!)
Layla Miller

I'm still relatively new to western comics. I've read a bunch of Batman TPBs, some of the new 52 (most bat-related titles, Teen Titans, Red Hood and the Outlaws), various Wolverine TPBs, a few Deadpool, all of the Young Avengers and Runaways, all of vol 1 & 2 of X-Force, a whole lot of X-Factor, all the Countdown and Final Crisis shenanigans, Promethea and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting right now.

I've also seen a bunch of animated incarnations and of course the recent Marvel movies.
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Not a big fan of superhero comics pirate

Favorite Comic Book Characters:
John Constantine (Hellblazer)
Dodge (Locke & Key)
Anthony Chu (Chew)

Favorite Comic Books / Graphic Novels:
Locke & Key
Pride of Baghdad
30 Days of Night
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Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Lenore.
Otherwise, the Batman villains have always held a special allure for me. Particularly the Joker, the Riddler and the Scarecrow. Might be interesting to see what authors decide to do with Bane and Talia Al Ghul in the coming years after Nolan's re-imagining. cat_idea
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Character Related:

which characters/villains/fighters/mutants/metas (whatever you can think of) are your favorites and why

I have a number of favorite characters. My top favorite GROUP would be The Rogues. Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, Heatwave, Mirror Master, The Trickster, Abra Kadabra, Pied Piper... each one escaped the Silver Age with about 50+ levels of awesome. Lame villain names, but amazing characters.

which characters you think are the most attractive/sexy/cute/etc

There are a few, to be sure. I have a soft spot for Beast Boy and Axel Walker (the second Trickster after James Jesse). Obsidian is also pretty attractive, moreso that he is a confirmed homosexual.

which characters you think are the strongest/dumbest/smartest/etc

The absolute strongest character I can think of is The Flash. Sure, he doesn't have Superman's conventional abilities of flight, super strength, heat vision, freeze breath, or any other ability like that, but he can use the Speed Force to his advantage in such a way that would make Superman seem more like pre-Identity Crisis Doctor Light.

The smartest character, without question, is Batman. While he has had his faults and his intelligence is not as high as Lex Luthor, his wisdom, common sense, and adaptability make him the clear victor.

The dumbest is obviously Jason Todd. With Chemo as the literal answer.

which character you want to be/replace/make real/etc

I would love to be Metron. All he truly does is observe and provide insightful information to the heroes, so the fate of the world wouldn't rest on my shoulders.

which characters are your least favorite and why you dislike them

Wonder Woman. This character should have been left back in the Silver Age. She is horrible to adapt outside of comics, making a Justice League live-action movie all but impossible. If they could properly do SOMETHING with her to make her less campy (like they did with The Rogues), then there might be some kind of redeeming qualities. Otherwise, I wish DC had junked her.

I also don't care for Jason Todd. He would be DC's answer to Sasuke Uchiha if Jason didn't come first.

which pairings, real or otherwise, do you want to see/like?

My favorite pairing would be between Pied Piper and James Jesse, the first Trickster. It was more of a one-sided love during Countdown (Piper was in love with James, but James wouldn't have any of it). Would be nice if they eventually got together.

which animal/creature/mecha/non-sentientsp/etc are your favourites and why

That is a really good question. I'd have to say that I like Metron's Mobius Chair. It's a chair. That can travel through time, space, and other dimensions at will. It's a pretty amazing chair. If only it came with an Ouroboros Ottoman or something.

which weapons/powers/abilities you find to be the coolest/lamest/flashiest/etc and which ones you want

Well, Super Speed is pretty cool. Thought it was lame, at first. Then I saw its potential and changed my mind entirely. The second Doctor Light had some incredibly flashy powers (lol, pun), but the lamest superpower, and again I say this, but seriously. Wonder Woman. While I can see the practical use of the Lasso of Truth... it's so cheesy...

which character you'd like to marry/be trapped on an island with/go on a date with/team up with to save the world/kill or humiliate/steal from/bake cookies with (whatever you can think of)

I'd love to marry Beast Boy, Axel Walker, or Obsidian. Though I'd only be able to marry one of them consensually.

I would love to throw Wonder Woman or Jason Todd into the void. Just so they'd never have to be seen again.

Series Related

Which is your favorite comic/TPB/special/etc?

I really liked Batman: The Killing Joke. Really explored a lot of Joker's psychosis and, whether or not it's accepted as canon, is a phenomenal Joker origin story.

Which comic is the funniest/saddest/scariest/dumbest/etc?

The saddest and most infuriating (in a good way) comic I've ever read has been Identity Crisis. Sad as hell, and the ending just made it that much more extreme.

Which comic is the most over-rated/worst/annoying/etc?

Of the ones I have ever read, Final Crisis. Too many Supermen. Way too many f**king Supermen. Then there's a Mecha-Superman and... what the hell? Then the Monitor split into 52 Monitors that govern the 52 dimensions which look like fish people and turn out to be the gods of the gods, and... seriously?

Which comic is the most obscure/oldest/popular/newest you've seen?

The oldest I've ever read was Crisis of Infinite Earths. The newest I've read was a graphic novel version of Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident.

Which comic is better as a movie/show, and vice versa?

There are plenty of comics better in their original formats than translated into a movie or TV show. I can't think of any Western Comic examples of surpassing the source material. Matching it, sure. Batman: The Animated Series and the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons were on par with the comics, in my mind. But not really surpassing.

Which comic do you want to see as a movie/show?

The Flash. They failed in the early 90's, but if they really did it seriously today, it'd be a smash hit, I think.

Which comic do you wish was real/live in?

That's hard, because I really don't want the balance of the world to hang on by a thread every week or so. I guess I'd say the DC Universe Online: Legends comic, only because I might have some remote chance of getting superpowers of my own.

Which comic has your favourite scenes? What are they?

The Killing Joke. From Joker's backstory being intertwined into the plot, Joker's Monologue to Batman as he tries to fight through a variety of traps to get to Joker, Batman laughing at the very end... it sends chills down your spine.

Which comic has the best/worst/most romantic/etc ending?

Identity Crisis had the best ending. Infinite Crisis had a bullshit ending.

Which do you prefer, the comic or the movie?

Depends. If the comic is significantly longer than the movie, I'll probably watch the movie first. If the comic isn't very long, I'll read it first. But I'll usually appreciate both.

Which comic quotes do you like? What are they?

Joker's Monologue at the end of The Killing Joke:

(As voiced by a fan)

Which comics are you currently reading?

Nothing, at the moment.
I highly urge anyone who is tired of the crap put out by Marvel and DC to check out Valiant. They are less then a year old, so Valiant is very accessible to new readers.

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