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my favorite comic character is definately Nightcrawler.
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and has anyone ever read the freddy vs. jason comics? pretty awesome razz
My absolute favorite comic character has ALWAYS been Nightcrawler from X-men. His sense of humor is amazing, and I think everyone can relate to feeling like an outcast, moreso than the general "I'm a mutant in an all human society" thing the others go through. I FEEL FOR HIM.

Wolverine's my second fave because he's pretty BA. Nuff said.

Beast is pretty awesome, too. I love that his intellect is superior to most humans, totally shutting up their downplaying mutants.

X-men aside, I would be HONORED to make cookies with Alfred.
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Favorite comic: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Favorite Publisher: Dark Horse
Favorite Heroes: Willow (Buffy), Spidey, Green Arrow, Nick Fury.
Favorite Comic Movies: Watchmen, Sin City, 300, Thor, X-Men: First Class, Captain America, The Losers, And a lot more...
Favorite Comic Character: Xander Harris (Buffy)
Favorite Writer: Joss Whedon
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ok, Im gonna do this...

Fave character: Hawkeye! I love Hawkeye, he's the spirit of every team he is on, a powerless man among Gods, a snarker, yet also the voice of reason and that of the common man so often.

Fave team: The Avengers! Mind you, I'm a sucker for superhero teams, and I'm a sucker for Marvel Comics... The Avengers have the iconicness, of course shared with the JLA, the interactions, in which one character's role is described above, and the ever changing roster, more so than the JLA.

Fave story: The Mutant Massacre! This was very grim and dark in a time when that still mattered... it had many well written deaths in a time when deaths still mattered, I just found it a great story.
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Green Arrow. Best. Most believable.
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My favorite character is in this comic!!!!! You guys should totally check it out. Make sure you cast your vote!! ^_^
Favorite Comic series is a toss up between The punisher Max series and The invincible Iron man written by Fraction.

I love the Punisher just cuz I really hate scum bags and drug dealers. Frank castle just gives everyboy what they deserve.
Favorites: Green Arrow, Batman, Gambit, Jesse Custer (from Preacher),

Favorite Story: The one where the Green Arrow, Batman, Lex Luthor and Tony Stark all get together and ******** and drink the world into blissful chaos with their overwhelming charm and awesomeness. Oh wait, that's yet to be created. biggrin

Least Favorites: Nightwing <--f**!
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Favorite hero: Robin (ALL OF THEM.... Except Steph)

Favorite Rogue: Scarecrow

Sexiest character: ... umm Scarecrow

Least favorite: Robin #4/Batgirl#3 .... kay so I really don't like Stephanie Brown, Problem?

Pairings?: d**k Grayson/Tim Drake, Jason Todd/Roy Harper, Connor Kent/Wally West (YJ), Vigilante/Shining Knight, Batman/Catwoman, Superman/Lois Lane, Raven/BeastBoy, Green Arrow/ Black Canary, Huntress/ the Question, Lex Luthor/ Mercy Graves, Arisia Rabb/Sinestro, Supergirl/Brainiac 5, and my one pairing for Marvel is Shadowcat/Quicksilver.

Favorite run: Red Robin

Favorite issue: Robin issue 0

Favorite Trade: Scarecrow Year One

Favorite Movie: Green Lantern: Emerald knights

Favorite Series: Young Justice

Most wanted Adaptation: NIGHTWING!!!!!!!!
Character Related:
Favorite characters: Slade Wilson (Deathstroke the Terminator), Guy Gardner (Although I don't heartily dislike any of the Green Lanterns, really), Wonder Woman, Gar Logan, Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Loki, The Cosmos ("Godzilla: K.O.M.- kind of sort of not really kosher, but whatever), every single obnoxious character in the history of ever. And a few others.
Least favorite and why you dislike them: Superman. I don't care if it's unamerican, he just comes off as a little too perfect to me (And I know that's not completely the case, but you get my point).
Pairings: Guy/Ice and a few 'unmentionables.' I also like Patriot/Hawkeye and Wiccan/Hulkling from YA.
Weapons: [Green] Lantern rings.
And heck, in my head I'd live in an amalgam-verse that wasn't destroyed and team up with all of them. At some point or another.
Series Related
Which is your favorite comic: Green Lantern, Hellboy, Deathstroke (The new one), Teen Titans, Thor, Kabuki, etc.
Which comic is the funniest: Axe Cop. Straight up.
Which comic is the most over-rated: Superman. Just... superman. Too much of a pedestal.
Which comic is the most obscure: I'm tempted to say "Hulk," and it's not that Hulk is obscure, it's just that everyone seems to look over it for the most part. Other than that, I would say "Kabuki," Which is a shame, since it's a gem.
Which comic is better as a show: DC tends to do well with making their comics shows- Smallville presented to me a superman that I could stand (And that was before he was superman, so maybe it doesn't count). The older "Batman" cartoons were good, too. And Fox/marvel finally did good with X-Men: First Class.
Which comic do you want to see as a movie: A Green Lantern film that doesn't suck. Green Arrow would be nice, too.
Which comic do you wish was real: Green Lantern.
Which do you prefer, the comic or the movie: Comic.
Which comics are you currently reading: 2011 "Deathstroke," "Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors," (And other GL books) "Hellboy," a few "Thor" comics, "American Vampire," IDW's "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" and "Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths." (There is too much DC hur. |:< )
(I'm sorry, that was unnescicarily long)
x-men all the way! Gambit's the man but I won't lie....It would be awsome to see wolverine and the hulk face to face in a death match, front row seats of course heart

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