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im more into the marvel scene, since there is so many characters heroes and human beings that want to change the world in the marvel universe. im a huge fan of the x-men blue and gold team, x- force's "cable" , spider-man, gambit, daredevil, wolverine, sabretooth, ghostrider, johnny blaze, hulk, punisher, deadpool, ironman, warmachine, adam warlock, silver surfer, and so on and so forth.
I love Sushigirl! Lol! I also like Sandman and Death: at Death's door. Good stuff! lol. eek
maggie iratus
Lucifer and Promethea

You will find yourself very welcome here.
Favourite Characters
Green Lantern; (Kyle Rayner, psst he's a Nine Inch Nails fan wink ; shortly followed by Guy Gardner/G'nort, and i have a soft spot for Ch'p whee )
Batman; (Throughout the ages)
Superman; (Has ne-one else read Godfall??)
JLA; (All incarnations, but the 'new' JLA in obsidian age is great)
The Spectre
Swamp Thing
Green Arrow
the list goes on....

Not really a Marvel fan but...
Ghost Rider.

Favourite Comic/Graphic
My all tym favourite is the Elseworld Graphic 'Kingdom Come' (which iv finally found and purchased all the original singal parts for xd )
Superman:Godfall.Death of.../Return of...
Batman:Knightfall 1&2 Knightsend.Death in the Family
I'm rather partial to my title. xp ninja
My two favourites are probably Shakara (From 2000AD) and Punisher (Marvel, yo.)

The first two books of Shakara were incredibly intresting, and I can't wait for the third. Sure, the whole "Mysterious avenger" angle has been done countless times before, but Shakara pulls it off better than ever. None of that "making the guilty answer for their crimes", no noble cause, nothing. He just kils 'em dead. The twist about his nature in Book 2 was totally unexpected as well.

The Punisher I like for similar reasons; there's no pretensious moralizing, no moral high ground. He just what he beleives he has too, and goes through a lot of lead in the process.

I find Deadpool quite an intresting character as well, but unfortunately the comics seem to be quite hard to find.
Syn Jackson
Top 10 (if my screen name doesn't give it away ^^) and Teen Titans

I, for one, can't wait until Maia and Virgil see this.

Welcome, dear. You should have lots of fun here.
Flattered, completely. Maia and Virgil just happen to really like Top 10, and Maia's thread so far has only, I think, four or five people who're reading it. They'll be delighted to see a fan.
Been lurking here, like the discussions. Need more knowledge to contribute. From personal readings ...

Seven Soldiers of Victory
Sin City
um.Asajj Ventress is my favorite comic book character. From star wars obbsession. I bought it at a gas station.It cool. talk2hand
Rouge from the comic Sonic, She just so Awsome and i love her heart outfit. They way they drew in the comic is also Awsome, rather then the video game.

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