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My favorite comics/graphic novels: Preacher, The Walking Dead, The Crow, and Strangers in Paradise.

Favorite Characters: Jesse Custer (Preacher), Spider-Man, and The Punisher.
Superman, The Flash and The Question.
Favorite Hero/es: Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Deadpool, Spawn, Silver Surfer, Thor

Favorite Villian/s: Deathstroke/Slade, Dr. Doom

Favorite Team/s: Green Lanter Corps, X-Men
You know the coolest weapon ever? Tesseract bombs biggrin
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Fave heroes: Eric Draven, Peter Parker, Remy LeBeau, Scott Summers, Kal-El, Nightwing, Warren Worthington.
Fave Villains: Lex Luthor, Emma Frost.
My favourite characters are Nightwing, Green Arrow, Shadowcat and Superman.
Pyro, Tim Drake/Robin, Cassandra Cain. Mr Mxyzptlk, Sooraya Qadir, Powergirl, and Luke Cage ( Recent Development)

New Avengers ( except Wolverine)
New Warriors ( current Version)
Teen Titans
Astonishing X-men.
Jean grey (when not dead) crying Emma Frost/White Queen, Scott Summers/Cyclops, Wolverine/James Howlett. wolverine is okay but i think the writers have over advertised him, he nearly appears in most marvel comics except for runaways and exiles.
My Fav Kagome.why/She is a good leader,brave,nice to others and she can go back and fother and somehow keep up in school.She is the best
as for comic's my favorite comic person its a tie for Jean-Paul (North Star X men) Emma Frost (White Queen X men) Peter Parker (Spiderman, Spiderman) Remy LuBeau (Gambit X men) Bruce Wanye (Batman Batman)
Fave Comic: X-Men and Ultimate X-Men
Fave Heroes: Polaris, Emma Frost, Beast, Gambit and Shadowcat
Fave Villain: Mystique, the true blue assasin
Fave Team: The X-Treme X-Men and New X-Men
Favorite Superheroes: Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Batman, and Martian Manhunter.
Favorite Villains: Two-Face, Vandal Savage, the Joker, Lex Luthor, and Magneto.
Favorite comics: Green Arrow, Fables, Bone, JLA, and Sandman.
well...may as well answer all ^_^

Character Related:

which characters/villains/fighters/mutants/metas (whatever you can think of) are your favorites and why
Aspen Matthews of Fathom b/c I can relate to her love/life with the sea. Sara Pezzini for her strength and independance. Wonder Woman is a must-have...she is just badass in too many ways to count, yet she is also weak in others (i.e. romance). I love Kitty Pryde's quirky personality and Black Cat's sulty sexiness. She is confident and it shows - I admire that. heart

which characters you think are the most attractive/sexy/cute/etc
Ian Notthingham (Witchblade), Jackie Estacado (Darkness), & Cannon Hawke (Fathom) have always been a fave of mine, ever since their respective series started. Damn Turner, Benitez, & Silvestri for drawing such beautiful men! lol. Also have loved Nightwing & Lusiphur of Poison Elves for years. um...pretty much the long black-haired men of comics. LOLLL

which characters you think are the strongest/dumbest/smartest/etc
Strongest: Wonder Woman & Hulk (duh)
Dumbest: Hulk (duh. lol)
Smartest: Batman & Reed Richards

which character you want to be/replace/make real/etc
Well...having Ian Nottingham about would certainly make things eventful, though I doubt we would leave the bedroom. *evil grin*

which characters are your least favorite and why you dislike them
I have never liked Cyclops...the dude is a freaking pansy! And annoying. And petulent. If I were Jean, I'd take Wolverine any day. lol And I think that Mary Jane is stupid as well...that is one pairing I never could quite understand...I mean, sure she is gorgeous and it flatters Spidey to know that a girl like that likes him but...bleh. No personality to speak of - and boring. Bite me, Mary! As an aside, Black Cat & Spidey should be together. I love that girl. =)~

which pairings, real or otherwise, do you want to see/like?
Killian/Aspen/Cannon love triangle...bring it baaaack! If it was ever really there to begin with. lol And I want Sara & Notts together, already...this current nonsense is just annoying. evil

which animal/creature/mecha/non-sentientsp/etc are your favourites and why
The Darklings (Darkness)! those little bastards are sooo funny ^_-

which weapons/powers/abilities you find to be the coolest/lamest/flashiest/etc and which ones you want
I think that speed is overrated...cant do as much with it as the other powers, like flight and strength. I think that Kitty Pryde (phasing) and Nightcrawler (teleportation) have awesome powers and would love to have them, though their powers are pretty much for defensive purposes. Still, they can be used offensively combined with other fighting talents...*pushes geek glasses up nose*

which character you'd like to marry/be trapped on an island with/go on a date with/team up with to save the world/kill or humiliate/steal from/bake cookies with (whatever you can think of)
nottingham (pic below) & i could do that, and more. hehe... 4laugh

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Series Related

Which is your favorite one shot/mini/TPB/special/etc?
One Shots/Minis/TPBs:
Destiny: A Chronicle Of Deaths Foretold (Sandman spinoff)
Devils's Reign: Wolverine/Witchblade (Nottingham & Sara!)
My Faith In Frankie
Poison Elves: Lusiphur & Lirilath
Spider-Man/Black Cat (Kevin Smith)
Thrillkiller (Robin/Batgirl/Batman: Elseworlds)

Which comic is the funniest/saddest/scariest/dumbest/etc?
Funniest: Milk & Cheese, Lethargic Lad, Murder Can Be Fun, Poison Elves
Saddest: Love & Rockets (awesome, tho)
Scariest: Sandman...seems so real and that is scary. When your perceptions can take in everything...well...kind of broadens the playing field of horror...
Dumbest: Barbie

Which comic is the most over-rated/worst/annoying/etc?

Overrated: The Tomb Raider comic. ick. Nothing new and exciting - same old same old. And the Fantastic Four is soo boring! But then...when you think that a square dude like Reed Richards is at the helm...O_o
Worst: comics that are all about gratuitous T&A and sex. While I do love to see awesome bodies on men/women and sex in comics can be a great thing, if it is at the sacrifice of a plot, then changes need to be made.
Annoying: The gazillions or so spinoffs! Take any major comic: spider-man, batman, the x-men...and there are like 324324324324 different titles. Its nuts! It's all about greed, I believe. Sure, it is fun and intriguing for fans (and pros) to see different things done with the characters, but...that is what one-shots and mini-series are for. lol

Which comic is the most obscure/oldest/popular/newest anime you've seen?
I dont really understand this question...do you mean manga? Or the newest anime to comic adaptation? *shrugs and moves on*

Which comic made you cry/scream/giggle/etc?
I do all those things at Poison Elves ^_-

Which comic is better as a movie/show, and vice versa?
I think that the Fantastic Four movie made the team seem a lot more interesting, though they did get some things wrong (i.e. Doom's origin). I think the comic is boring. The witchblade comic is much better than the show, and I think that the TV series La Femme Nikita would make an excellent comic, as well.

Which comic do you want to see as a movie/show?
Wonder woman...it is in production, but I am always scared to see a character that i adore so much thrown into the hands of Hollywood *winces*

Which comic do you wish was real/live in?
A Distant Soil, though i do think that i'd love to live and fight side by side with Lusiphur of Poison Elves

Which comic has your favourite scenes? What are they?
There are a ton of scenes in Witchblade & Darkness that i still go back & read. Classic stuff, like when Notts intercepts Sara near the roses or finds her in Rio de Janeiro...or when they kiss..or when the Family Ties saga happened with Jackie. Killer stuff! lol. Gotta love romance in comics...

Which comic has the best/worst/most romantic/etc ending?
hmm...no endings come to mind, but my fave ended comics are crimson,
Excalibur,The Witching Hour, & Young Heroes In Love...

Which do you prefer, the comic or the movie?
comic, though I do believe that both mediums have purpose

Which comic quotes do you like? What are they?
Anything by Gaiman, or in the book Sandman:
"It was a dark and stormy nightmare..."
"It has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a half-wit, and the emperor remains an emperor."

Which comics are you currently reading?
Anything by Aspen Entertaiment. Also reading A Distant Soil, Birds of Prey, Batman, Wonder Woman, Fables, Love And Rockets, Milk & Cheese, Poison Elves, Sandman, Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, and Witchblade....when/if any of them come out. ^_^

thanks! this was a blast! xd
My favourite characters are Batman, Joker, Nightwing, Robin, Venom, Carnage, Green Goblin, Dr Doom, Gambit, Blade and Ghost Rider.

Fave Teams: Fantastic Four, The Avengers, the Midnight Sons, Teen Titans and the Justice League.

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