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favorite charectors are
wolverine-becuase he's a badass with claws
gmabit- like wolverine but with cards
storm- she can control the weather
superman- he's just plain awesome
the human tourch
All time favorite would be Howard the Duck. Out of all the superpowers, super gadgets, and magic, I always thought cartoon physics, stupidity, and hilarity was the best weapon against evil. I've been reading the comic since I was five, and I was devoted enough to watch Howard the Duck Movie without bashing it afterwards. I did twitch alot, though...
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i love len !!!!!!!
Kitty Pride. Why? Shes a ninja. Seriously. Black belt in akido and karate. And was mentally taught years of traininng by a ghost ninja. and she can walk through walls. Nuff said.
For me it's a tie between Punisher and Deadpool. I like The Punisher because his torn past which led him into being a great vigilante. He doesn't care about the safety of criminals, boderline insane but still able to destroy crime. Deadpool is good as very nice comic relief due to his crazy personality. Breaking the fourth wall is almost al ways funny, but he is perfectly aware of being a comic character, and constantly joking about it.
Hey, so I'm new.

Black Panther
Luke Cage
Black Bolt
Genis Vell (especially when he went crazy)

Inhumans (the one by Jenkins)
Best of Spiderman Vol 1-4 (HC, basically just Amazing Spiderman)
Marvel Boy
Earth X
Captain Marvel First Contact (and the new series)
Almost all the Ultimates (esp Ultimate Spiderman HC 3 and Ultimates 1&2)
Astonishing X-Men
I'm a little crazy about Lord Recluse and his lieutenants sweatdrop (they're from City of Heroes/Villians, THE superhero MMOG)
Favorite Characters are:
Green Lantern (all Lanterns from Earth)
Iron Man
Iron Lantern(from Amalgam Comics, combination of Marvel and DC)
My favorite characters are Spider-man, Gambit, Ironman, and Daredevil.
Favorite Villains are definitely Venom and Carnage. By the way, where did you guys get those Civil war banners?
STORM KICKS ALL BUTTS!! BEWARE THE WEATHER WITCH twisted She also has the best hairdoos!!!
I really like Spider Man, sine he's such a tormented character. And Ravenshadow from Rising Stars just looks SO cool.

I think most female characters in the comic industry look sexy.

Supes is the strongest, Dumb Hulk is the purest of heart, and I think the smartest is Batman.

Well they're already redoing Moon Knight, so I think... Gambit, as a sort of founder of a rougue xmen faction in NYC, or maybe a less stupid riddler. And maybe a serial killer Crazy Quilt

I think that The Riddler is just so lame, since he can't see that he has no chance against the Dark Knight, and looks like an idiot.

Huntress/Batman. You know, a sort of "take your daughter to work day."

I enjoy some of the Inhumans for my fave non-humans.

I've always wanted complete control over wind, since there's a lot you can do with it, like flying or razor like gales. I think that Egg-Fu, the giant Mandarin talking martial artists egg in the DCU, has the lamest powers.

I'd like to team up with the old captain america, and really succeed where that loser Bucky got himself blown up.

Series Related

My favorite Comic is Rising Stars, a graphic novel series by J. Michael Stracsynski. No contest. I recommend it to everyone.

dumbest: The Defenders. saddest: Identity Crisis, when Sue died.

I think The Ultimates is the most overrated. I mean, insteadof fighting Thor, Cap just sits in the helicarrier and shoots him with a flamethrower. Come ON.

oldest: Speed Racer. Newest: Naruto.

I almost cried when Superman died, and Lois had him in herarms in that double page panel at teh end, sobbing uncontrollably. That was probably the saddest. The second place is when Sue Dibny died.

the best comic as a movie is Sin City. SO cool.

I'd like toi see a Moon Knight series.

I wish I lived in Real Bout High School. That'd be awesome.

Favorite scene: when Green LAntern returned.
Gonna do this survey style. Cut out the ones I don't have an answer for or just can't choose.

I'm doing everything in order (where there are multiple choices)

Character Related:

which characters/villains/fighters/mutants/metas (whatever you can think of) are your favorites and why
Flycatcher/Loki + Puck/ -- /Gambit, Shadowcat, Jamie Braddock/ --

Flycatcher is my favorite right now because he's just too cute. He seems like such a nice guy, you just want to hug him. Loki and Puck are favorite villains. Somepeople may not think of them as Villains but they kind of were. I just think they were interesting. As for my three favorite mutants.... I just like their powers. And them as characters. No explanation really

which characters you think are the most attractive/sexy/cute/etc
Alex Summers (Havok), Remy LeBeau (Gambit), Flycatcher, Wisdom is in there.

which character you want to be/replace/make real/etc
I really kind of like Shadowcat. I wouldn't mind having her abilities, her brains. And, I mean, Wisdom and Colossus. So she's the one I'd most want to be. Most want real: Flycatcher or Pete Wisdom.

which characters are your least favorite and why you dislike them
GAH! Cyclops! I don't know why I hate him so much but I do!!

which pairings, real or otherwise, do you want to see/like?
Snow and Bigby as a romantic pairing. And I enjoy Loki and Puck as a team up.

which weapons/powers/abilities you find to be the coolest/lamest/flashiest/etc and which ones you want
Coolest: Gambit's staff and cards for weapon. Kitty's phasing and Cannonballs... that for powers. And I think of shapeshifting as more ability than power. So anybody who shapeshifts is awesome.

which character you'd like to marry/be trapped on an island with/go on a date with/team up with to save the world/kill or humiliate/steal from/bake cookies with (whatever you can think of)
I am in love with Flycatcher at the moment. Him for marry. Stranded with Gambit. Team up with... I'd love to team up with Spidey actually. Kill or humiliate... Scott Summers. Bake cookies with Flycatcher, Spidey, Iceman, or anybody who might hilariously screw them up.

Series Related

Which is your favorite comic/TPB/special/etc?
Fables, Sandman, X-Men (in it's various sub series). I also enjoy Runaways, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and the Serenity special.

Which comic is better as a movie/show, and vice versa?
I enjoy Teen Titans as a show but never got into the comic.

Which comic do you want to see as a movie/show?
I kind of want to see Runaways as a cartoon. Or Gen 13. I think they'd make good cartoons.

Which comic do you wish was real/live in?

Which do you prefer, the comic or the movie?
Usually the comic.

Which comics are you currently reading?
Runaways, Fables, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, New Excalibur, X-Factor. Probably a few I'm forgetting.
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my fav comic characters are:

1- Deathstroke the Terminator
2- Dr. Doom
3- Venom
4- Joker
5- Terra
6- Onslaught
7- Witchblade
8- Emma Frost
9- Harley Quinn
10- Bizarro

the comic characters that I don't like are:

1- Kyle Rayner
2- Spawn

the most powerful comic weapons to me are:

1- GL power Ring
2- Helm of Nabu
3- Venom/Carnage/Toxin Symbiote
4- Witchblade

my fav comics are:

1- The Judas Contract
2- Killing Joke
3- V for Vendetta
4- Watchmen
5- Arkham Asylum
6- Kingdom Come
7- Justice
8- Teen Titans Go!
9- Green Lantern Rebirth
10- Villans United
11- Books of Doom

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