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I usually collect my comics in graphic novel form, and Red Hood&The Outlaws Volume 1: REDemption is coming out soon. Jason Todd has always been one of my favorite anti-heroes and I love his history (2nd Robin, death, coming back as Red Hood and settling crime how HE wants to do it). I'm not too familiar with Roy Harper though (although he seems like a cool character), my main problem with the book though is....... (you're probably gonna guess this right), I do NOT like how Starfire acts like a hooker......Its weird. Its just not her. I feel like I'm looking at a R-rated superhero version of Harry Potter for some odd reason (Jason & Roy being Harry&Ron and hooker Starfire being hooker Hermione).

Okay, I'll admit that was a strange comparison I just made. But yeah, not only does Starfire's hooker personality bug me, but when I look at her costume I feel like the artist was listening to the Three 6 Mafia song "Azz&Tizzies" when he was drawing Starfire XD

However I am willing to still give the book a chance (if Starfire starts to act like herself again that is). I mainly wanna read the book for Jason Todd, but I also would like to care for the other characters like Roy Harper. Does Starfire at least go back to being likable? Or does the series manage to at least have a good story and fun dialogue that'll make me get over her new personality?
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This thread is now null and void
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EDIT: After reading your post and ACTUALLY thinking of something smart to say
BUY THE DAMN BOOK....I read it every month, and I'd still buy the book
Starfire may seem like a hooker in the first few issues, however it's been toned down slightly (IMO) There's still plenty of hooker looking characters, but still....it's good
Got some of the best damn artwork out everything I've read....
And the storyline is immense.....

and once more
Despite the controversy surrounding the comic when it first came out and Starfire's appearance, it is actually good. Her appearance actually does fit for what they are doing with the character.
Yeah, if you like Jason you might as well buy it. I picked it up to begin with because i love Jason Todd (he can be a badass in the hands of a good writer), and i've read up to issue 13 (I think thats the latest one).

The art and panelling is VERY pretty for the majority of its run, but i think they moved onto working on Superman now. The writing itself though, I don't know. It's alright, and it gets better over time as the characters are developed (with Starfire in particular. I think so anyway, I might just be building a resistance to her). I don't know if she starts acting like her old self though, because I haven't read anything else that she used to be in.

But yeah, i'd buy the book. It has decent writing, and if it's anything, it is very pretty biggrin
Nah, it's not great. The characters are all either dicks or idiots, and the plot is some weird a** combination of street, fantasy, and si-fi. And there are a lot of points where the writers can't seem to decide who their target audience is, so they just jump all over the place.
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No. It's just...not a good book. Kenneth Rocafort, while a talented artist, just isn't very good at drawing Jason or Roy, Scott Lobdell is a piss-poor writer with a "vision" that in no way matches up with what he's actually putting to paper, and it's just generally very bad. People of size and color are treated horribly, and god help you if you're a female character in this book. I held off on dropping it as long as I could, but even this Jason Todd superfan had to jump ship.

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