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Would he be considered a hero or a villain question
Up until the New 52 reboot in the comics, he was a villain. But since he's now part of the comic Red Hood and the Outlaws he's more of an anti-hero.
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Pre-"A Death in the Family" [Story arc where Jason was killed by the Joker] he was a hero, post-"A Death in the family" he was on the fence, leaning more towards villain, but still a good guy at heart, he shared his food with the other homeless, was slightly on the insane side till Talia picked him up and dumped him in the Lazarus pit and then left him in the care of the All Castle, and currently, in "Red Hood and the Outlaws" he's classified as an Anti-hero. c:User Image

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Anti-hero. Though lately, he's getting a little rusty on the "anti" bit, imo. xD;
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Between those 2, hero
However in the grand scheme, anti-hero
Read his new comic.....it is one of my favourites...
If you don't get time to constantly pick up red hood, then just get the one next month....
Aptly named Red Hood an the Outlaws 0
It's about his back story, so if you're interested in him, pick it up....
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I believe he's accepted now in the new 52
Otherwise he was always considered a villain.
Kuroi Jinouga
I believe he's accepted now in the new 52
Otherwise he was always considered a villain.

Except when he was a side kick, or bailing Batman outta trouble. or in the outsiders, etc etc etc. He came back and (rightly) wreaked havoc, but most of the time he's pretty concretely been an anti-hero. Much like Catwoman, or (classic) Huntress, playing a bit harder and rougher and always with personal ends. If Objectivism was a comic book character he'd be the Red Hood incarnation of Jason.

Although the new series has him breaking out of this trend and easing a bit more toward the hero side of things, I think that's just a natural progression in developing his character. Jason's never been a BAD guy, he's just doesn't play by the same moral code as Batman. And while it was fun watching him screw with d**k a few years back, it's good to see writers delving more into what makes Jason such a great "gray area" character.
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Everything that everyone has said is true. Jason is both a troll and a anti-hero. He was always 'lurking' in the shadows, never played by the rules, was not 'afraid' to kill, his morals were different. He was more a rebel than a 'bad' guy. He was never 'truly' bad. Jason is a punk, he likes to get underneath a person's skin, he's sarcastic, blunt, runs by his own agenda, tends to complain about Bruce not loving him, etc, etc. Yeah he was the Robin that smoked, yeah he was the Robin everyone called in to vote for him to die, and yeah he was the Robin that came back from the dead - darker and changed. Jason Todd is a bad a**. I personally wouldn't recommend starting off first with the New 52 series 'Red Hood & The Outlaws' because there's plenty of Red Hood in comics such as Batman and Nightwing cross-overs. There's also the movie, 'Under The Red Hood' which is a pretty awesome movie dealing with the 'A Death In The Family' storyline to an extent.
Jason is neither a hero nor villain - he lies in between as an anti-hero. 3nodding
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the Jason Todd everyone's talking about has the same name as the sidekick Batman had that
was beat with the crowbar then blown up,
(The actual vote was won with something like a 20-vote difference.)
However, he really doesn't resemble him, retcons notwithstanding.

I appreciate their desire for an anti-hero, and all that, but I would rather they make a new
character. Jason Todd meant a lot more as a martyr than he does now as a c***d hero,
and they could have had both at the same time.
He was more of an Anti-Villain after he Jason became The Red Hood.
"Hero" and "villain" are meaningless terms. Our roles are nothing more than how the times choose to cast us.
He was better as a dead guy.
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I don't think hes ever really been a villain, the main distinction between him and Batman is that Batman kills people, and so Jason is always put as the opposite, when they actually have very similar goals, and a lot of the points Jasons ideas make a lot more sense than Batman's. The main problem is all the crappy writers who have messed around with his personality, making it hard to track him as a character pre-reboot.
I don't even know where to start on post-reboot red hood so I'm not gonna say anything on that.

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