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Minimum Carnage Alpha
Space Knights #1
Animal Man #13
Earth 2 #5
Storm Watch #13
Swamp Thing #13
Amazing Spider-Man #695
Avengers vs. X-Men #12
A vs. X VS #6
Minimum Carnage Alpha
Uncanny X-Force #32
Uncanny X-Men #19
Crow #4
Robyn Hood #1
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Been on a TPB craze lately thanks to some huge sales at my LCS..

Mystery Men TPB - Not ties to the movie of the same. A mini-series about some forgotten/unknown pulp inspired heroes from the MU's 1930s. It was, eh. Some nice ideas, solid art, but it all just failed to gel properly for me.

Checkmate, Vol. 1 - Dug this! Didn't dig the art though!

I also picked up Checkmate, Vol. 2 and the latest Avatar comic but I've yet to read either.
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Haven't been to a comic shop in a very long time but for the Month of September I've gone to LA's Stan Lee Comickaze as well as Vegas' Comic Expo - so I've managed to find some treasures [in my opinion] while I attended both cons.
The 'new' comics I've added to my collection are:
The New Teen Titans #12, 20, 21, 19, 25, 48, 36, 9, 1, 18, 16,
Batgirl [Cassandra Cain] #38, 47, 39, 61, 46, 51
X-Men & The New Teen Titans crossover
Red Robin #25
Nightwing #127, 32, 77
Batman: Streets of Gotham #1-6
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Stumptown: The Case of the Baby in the Velvet Case #2 - Loving it.
Fashion Beast #2 - It's not bad.. curious to see where it's going though.

I also picked up Checkmate: Fall of the Wall but I've yet to read it. I've enjoyed the other two Checkmate TPB's I've grabbed so I'll probably dig this. Not my favorite thing from Rucka, but it's been a fun read nonetheless.
Batman #13
Batman and Robin #13
Deathstroke #13
Frankenstein Agent of Shade #13
Avengers #31
A vs. X Consequences #1
Captain America #18
Scarlet Spider #10
Secret Avengers #32
Space Punisher #4
Uncanny Avengers #1
Wolverine and the X-Men #18
Archer and Armstrong #3
Bloodshot #4
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #14
Conan the Barbarian #9
Grimm Universe #1
DC Universe Presents #14
Captain America #1
Hawkeye #4
IndestructIble Hulk #1
Minimum Carnage Omega
The Amazing Spider-Man #698
Uncanny X-Force #34
X-Factor #247
Harbinger #6
X-O Manowar #7
Star Trek #15

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