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we had a big debate in my animtion class in school between the universes of marvel and Naruto who do you thing will win and if you have any match ups please be free to put them up here
its marvel hands down and if you need me to list why ok

Red Hulk
Green Hulk
Ms Marvel
Captain Marvel
Dr. Doom
Captain America
War machine
Doctor Strange
Scarlet Witch

Do I need to continue or does this make my point?
Marvel not only because it is better in personal opinion but has a larger fanbase and makes mor money.
Marvel is timeless. Naruto will be boring in a year.
also in 60 years Cap, Hulk and Spidey will be remembered. No one will know Naruto in 60 years
also in 60 years Cap, Hulk and Spidey will be remembered. No one will know Naruto in 60 years

Exactly! My grandpa Knows who spiderman is and he doesn't watch movies or TV too often.
In an actual fight?

Marvel has cosmic beings.
The only real chance that the Naruto universe has would be to unleash all 9 Demons that were the original scourge of the world. That aside, I'd say the villages actually have a decent chance against moderately powered/non-powered characters. Ultimately though, MU 616 curbstomps the Naruto-verse.

That said, we have an official thread for this sort of thing, unless you were merely trying to troll in which case the thread should be moved to the Chatterbox.
rofl Are you kidding me?
Marvel, there is no argument to be had.
Gods and forces more powerful than nature vs. wanna-be ninjas.

haha what a joke thread this is.

Odin alone changed the universe with a wave of his hand while Dr Strange can put all demons in bottles then drink em for fun.

If all else fails the Punisher will find a way to kill every frickin' ninja in the series, even if all he has is a toothpick and a malfunctioning table fan. If he dies, Deadpool can take over...and he's banned from dying.

forget Naruto, even Marvel's ninjas can do him in, no sweat. Even Jamie Madrox has to have a ninja dupe in him somewhere....
two word squirrel girl
two word squirrel girl

******** YEAH! Even the 'Pool is scared of Squirrel girl.
that is not contest, that a simple B***h slap on naruto. really maybe 20 odd character, against over 60 years worth of characters. maybe to make thing fair would be to use a team against them. like x-man, S.H.I.E.L.D, Avengers, Defenders, and so on. and even if you did that, Marvel still wins hands down. hell Daredevil alone could take down like 5(+) naruto characters.
Overall the Marvel Universe would Curbstomp the Naruto Universe.

However, Daredevil wouldn't be the one doing much of it. He has fighting skills, try putting that up against a kid who can survive a fist smashing through his chest and if in a real pinch (against some of the tougher street levels) Could release the 4th Tail and let Kyuubi take the wheel, or use the Rasen-Shuriken and pretty much cut all the celluar bonds of the enemies. Hell, all that Naruto Universe would have to do against him is send in the Sound Ninjas, not even the Sound 5..Zaku Kin and Dosu..Yeah the 3 Genins that were Sasuke's punching bag.

Marvel would win, but with heavy Casualties unless they bring in the big guns at the start.
this is the comic thread what answers do you think you're going to get?

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