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Marvel, DC, or Dark Horse?

Marvel 0.36206896551724 36.2% [ 21 ]
DC 0.41379310344828 41.4% [ 24 ]
Dark Horse 0.10344827586207 10.3% [ 6 ]
Other 0.12068965517241 12.1% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 58 ]
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So hard to choose between the 3. Marvel has Deadpool, but on the other hand DC has Batman, but on the foot since I'm out of hands Dark Horse has Alien vs Predator.
Really a tie between DC and other. IDW and SLG heart
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Dapper Phantom

I am so faithless, I don't really ascribe to any company in particular; a story is a story is a story. For my issue by issue titles though, I tend to prefer Marvel? Young Avengers! Miles Morales!
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Marvel and DC can suck it. Dark Horse for one reason, The Flaming Carrot, but for not on the list I'd have to go with Image. Not only did they have the flaming carrot, but they also had Scud the Disposable Assassin. You can't beat that.
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Vicious Lunatic

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Bitches, please. DC is too perfect for such like Superman and Wonder Woman.

Make mine Marvel, all the way.

But Batman can be cool.
Marvel, no offense to DC fans but with the exception of Bat Man the rest of the universe feels to "'perfect". I like my heroes to be dysfunctional, makes them feel more real to me when they have problems.
DC. But mostly because I love the Bat Family.

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