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Any other fans out there on gaia?
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Yeah, of course! ouo b
Hells yeah. Second favorite comic only to Bear.
Only 3 responses so far? I know there are more JTHM fans here...
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That was actualy the first comic that I read now that I think about it...I didn't consider it a comic at the time for some reason...There was a stigma against comics in my mind when I was a kid. Took collage to appreciate comics. But JTHM was a great book. Wasn't God a weird little thing? And his house went down forever or something. Someone please refresh my memory (it'll give us something to talk about and thus receive gold).
Oh cool other fans! Happy Noodle Boy may have influenced how I talk. Heavily.
I will destroy you.
razz haha jk i love Nny!
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Oh cool other fans! Happy Noodle Boy may have influenced how I talk. Heavily.

Happy Noodle Boy is one of a friend of mine's hero apparently, he loves saying weird s**t to me online.
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Liked it. Also enjoyed I Feel Sick.
yum_puddi Thats my all time fave comic!
I read the first comic years ago in high school, but I always felt awkward about reading it because people would always ask me what it was about and if they could look at it, then I would give it to them and they seemed slightly horrified. xd
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awesome comic. :]
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I got the graphic novel and I love it.

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