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General Zod. All the powers of a Kryptonian, but none of Kal's ethics and restraint. PLAYTIME!
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833 < Oh hi Gamz33!
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Shy Dark Elf

Cause she's got magic, and she's totally got a crush on Batman/Bruce Wayne.
And in one of the stories/whatever, they're childhood friends.

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Spider-Man/ Peter Parker
He is the good example of a true hero
He has over come many adversities
He doesn't give up
Many can fly, jump high, run faster or teleport but web swinging is the s**t BRO!
I like his sense of humor and how he use it in the most random situations
And not to mention that I identify myself with the character he can reach the reader with his humanistic personality
Tha'ts why I would be Spider man
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Clean Smoker

I'd be Spider-Man.
I love his stupid jokes, and just about everything about him.
But I'd want to be him mostly because swinging from builds in New York City sounds like the s**t.

Edit: Also walking on walls, holy crap, I'd just be doing random s**t for hours.
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Clean Smoker

night crawler

I scammed when I saw your avi.
And gave me the biggest smile.
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I'd choose Wolverine in a hartbeat.

He's badass.
He does what he wants.
He fights for the X-Men, the Avengers, and pretty much everyone else.
Indestructible adamantium skeleton.
Battles with the devil...
Yep I'd hit that.
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If you could be a comic book character for a week

Who would it be?
Usagi Yojimbo, though I'm a girl
Why would you want to be them?
Because he is a samurai, and I love samurais! biggrin Also I love the universe of Usagi Yojimbo. And I simply like Usagi smile
I would want to be StarFire from Teen Titans. heart
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Dapper Firestarter

Dave ********' Strider.

From Homestuck.

I don't care if it's a webcomic. Still counts.
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Beloved Noob

I'd be Deadpool.
He has kewl yellow boxes, guns, and he's funny.
So I can have an on-off relationship with Bruce Wayne smile
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I love Bart Allen and he was the character that pretty much got me into comics.
And man how awesome would it be to hang around Max, and be part of Young Justice. I would love to hang out with Empress and Arrowette, they're BAMFs, if only they were used now. 8'(

Plus he remembers everything he reads, unlike Wally so that's a one-up. I might be able to get s**t done and pass all my classes cause I'd just go and memorize my textbook.
Who: Doctor Strange
Why: This is the man who single handedly defeated Shuma-Gorath in his home dimension. He has a great background, a magic cape, a nice place, a wife from another dimension, and he can pretty much defy all laws of reality with the twiddling of his fingers. Best part, I get to mess with rhymes
Batman sweatdrop or Phoenix.

I love the powers that Phoenix has. She's also pretty badass. Batman because he's Batman... xp

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