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I download them off 4chan, Filestube, and Piratebay.

...I hope you're joking. If you enjoy comics, you really should buy them. The people who work hard to make them need support so they can keep doing it. cat_neutral

I buy my individual issues at my local comic shop, except I need Batwoman #0 so I'll probably get that on Amazon, even if it's kind of expensive. I also order my trades and graphic novels from Amazon as well.
I download them too, comics are getting expansive specially for me, I dont have a job and I can't always go to the comic book store since there is only one where i live and i cant go there because i's not near my house. But every time i go there if i can buy something i do it . It's hard to buy all the series you like when a comic cost 3.99$ and you got other priorities.
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Online shops mostly.
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I get my comics from an online comic book store, and TPB and manga from Amazon and B&N.
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Just the library. Though I think I'd prefer to read them online.
Comic shops around my area: Tate's, Crossroads, and Phil's. I haven't tried ordering any online yet though.
Usually I'll go to Hastings, which is a music/video/games/books/other stuff/and comics store. They got a pretty nice selection of comics to choose from. Sadly, they won't special order anything if you're looking for something in particular and its not there. Although these days I tend to read stuff online due to my position as a reviewer.
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Local comic shop. For trades I'll sometimes go to a bookstore. A lot of random mid 90's stuff I get online because it costs next to nothing.
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I used to go to my LCS a couple times a month but it's an out-of-my-way drive and I was tired of being ignored there so for now I stick to stuff I can get on comixology. I don't have the space to buy a lot of trades but when I really want one I usually just get it off Amazon.
Mainly I had gotten mine from places like Zellers, comic book stores, and used book stores.
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I live within reasonable subway distance of a Midtown Comics. I go for the comics, I comeback for the Gunpla and figuarts on the second floor.
I'll buy older issues on Amazon. If I can find them though, I buy comics at the two local comic book stores
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Comic books are pretty much non-existent where I live, so I looked in the comic section of my local book stores. But now I get them online because the book stores are dying off and some have even gotten rid of their comic section. sad
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I get my comics from a place about 10-15 minutes away from me.
It's called Read More Comics.
They're super friendly and they'll order stuff for you if they don't have it in stock.

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