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Well, my teacher assigned us a research paper that just has to be about american history. we have alot of room to choose what we want, (it doesnt have to be a particular time period or subject, actually one kid in our class is doing a report on hockey fights and how it effects american history). I decided that i wanted to do something about comic books, but im not sure where to start. Any ideas? i need some type of thesis by the end of the week and im coming up dry. Also it has to be around 5 or 6 pages because im in honors.

not sure if this actually belongs here. if it doesnt please remove.
Well, at the time the modern superhero genre was starting America was a few years away from entering WWII. You could do a report on how super hero comics boomed in popularity at the time, and how they were a factor in the popular culture as well as being used almost as propaganda to rally America against Axis forces.
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Could do it on the comic code and how that changed comics for about 20+ years. Girls use to be a large readership base in comics until the Comic Code happened, and redefined how women, men, and others were shown in the comics, and had to fit a pro american, family friendly, only good guys always winning. It also destoryed the horror comic business.

Which goes into the 70's with the changes with Marvel and in the DIY, zine scene, leading to the rise in indie comics to now. Along with the imergence of manga that has once again brought women into the comic field. But then there is still sexist issues in the comic world and look at the new 52.
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In my American Economic History class I did a history of DC. My thesis stated that it was DC's ability to change with the fans that kept and keeps it floating. Then I just went over how each decade since the 40's DC has been changing stuff to suit the customer.
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You could easily find a lot of information about the Comics Code and how it impacted the industry (and vice versa) during the 50s. Alternative American "comix" were also a large part of political movements in the 60s, including works by Dr. Seuss, who was also a political cartoonist.

You could even go so far as to include comics as historical document with works such as 'Maus' about the holocaust.

5 pages should be pretty easy.
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I did a couple papers on comics recently and these are a couple of my favourite documentaries that I came across:

Superheroes Unmasked:

Once Upon a Time, The Superheroes:

Great for sources and great to watch, they've both got some serious players in both DC and Marvel in their interviews. And also great if you feel like you need a break from homework :3

For one of my papers I did "The Evolution of the Idealized American Male in Comic Books" which went from 1920's advertaisments (focusing on J.C. Leyendecker) going through to Captain America and propaganda and then leading up to Batman the psychological emphasis that eventually became a major component of writing comic book characters.

The other paper was basically just an excuse to slam Judd Winick on his titles Catwoman (for being sexist but moreover, for being disappointing) and Batwing (for the totally bizarre premise of a middle-aged white dude writing a story about a black man in the congo fighting a villain named "Massacre"...good work guys, it's not like genocide is something we don't joke about) and tying it into how the New 52 was launched as a totally desperate plea to attract wider demographics and new readership.

For the record I love comics~ I know that second paper makes me sound like a hater.

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