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Best comic universe

Marvel 0.45 45.0% [ 9 ]
DC 0.4 40.0% [ 8 ]
Top Cow 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Others please post what your fav comic universe and why it should be dominant 0.15 15.0% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 20 ]
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So it's pretty simple. I just like a good conversation concrening which comic universe is your favorite and why you think it's the best.
Let's all play nice and be respectful wink

My favorite it Marvel for the simple fact that I'm a huge X-men fan since as far back as I can remember (90's x-men cartoon lol). I'm a huge Gambit fan.

Other than that I enjoyed the Runaways comic before it went on hiatus and yes became a Captain America fan through the movies "Mam, there is only one God and I don't think he dresses like that." smile

Although I love my Marvel I have to give a shout out to Batman just because the 90's series were excellent as well. And he gave us Harley Quinn and Oracle.

So how about yall?
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Marvel Universe. =x
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Marvel Universe, definitely. ^^ But DC Universe have some great characters as weel. =D
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Marvel, for sure heart
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DC > Marvel

Granted the DCnU has its short comings, overall DC is way better. When you consider all of the Xmen along side all of the other hero's 1/4 people should have powers. Having a power doesn't make you special or original. At least in DC if you have a power your unique.

Marvel= "That guy just flew... just like everyone else"
DC= "That guy just flew, WOW!!!"
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When it comes to comics, Marvel 616 will always be my doll.

However, my heart belongs to DC's cinematic universe.
The Dark Knight movie trilogy, Justice League/ Justice League Unlimited, Under the Red Hood, Batman TAS, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Teen Titans are better than any Marvel live action or animated works (except maybe the motion comic for Thor & Loki, but that technically still counts as a comic).
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I like both Marvel and DC but I mainly like Marvel.
DC, but I really wished that Dark Horse Comics would make one... such a shame.
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Despite how much I love Batman and the Teen Titans, I have to go with Marvel cause well, I love their comics more.

They've both had their downfalls to be sure, but I just like the Marvel characters more. And honestly, I have a ton of respect for Stan Lee. He's a cool old dude.

Plus, the Runaways was an amazing comic before hiatus. Old Man Logan was pretty cool too. And X-23.
Marvel most definitely but Top Cow has amazing stuff that makes me excited every time I get a new book.
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I love Marvel comics because the characters are much more rich. But I do love Batman. I have since I was a kid because I always felt like the villains were psychologically interesting and disturbing at the same time.
I'm loving the Valiant Universe.
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I prefer DC over Marvel but lately my love for DC has been faltering (though I keep denying it!) This whole reboot's just been dragging me down. What they did to Lilith Clay, Clark Kent dying, red Beast Boy, Bart Allen's relationship with Kiran (Solstice)... I'll always love DC (memories!), I'm just loosing my love for it crying
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Going with DC on this one, but Marvel is indeed in a close second. Up until the spring of this year, I read nothing but DC and a few Venom issues and trades. However, a friend introduced me to Dr. Strange, along with the New Avengers and The Defenders, and I instantly fell in love with a new set of characters! The majority of my pull box is still DC, but Marvel titles are definitely growing on me.

Like a number of people on this thread and a few of my friends, not a big fan of a number of the New 52. Some of the storylines and characters haven't been developed very well. BUT! I am holding out for Batman 14 since I did pick up 13 a couple weeks ago. We'll see what happens in this "Death of a Family" series with Batman and the Batkids.
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On one hand, you have Top Cow, which gave us The Darkness and Witchblade.

On the other, you have DC/Vertigo, which gave us the Sandman (Neil Gaiman), Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

And on your pinky to, you have Marvel, which gave us Deadpool, Spider man, the X-Men, The Punisher and Venom.

All three publishers have very impressive and successful series, so it's very difficult for me to choose which I'd prefer.

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