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Do you like comic books themselves. The story they tell. The sense of adventure, thrill, drama, and the art. The pure beauty behind comics..

Or Do you love the character. Do you love your favorite characters. Are you a fan of the character? It doesn't matter if Batman is in Japan or Batman is eating a plate of yummy spaghetti you love BATMAN.

Or do you read comic books for something deeper? Are you looking for role models.. and you want something more that isn't there? What do you want in your Comic Book? I think thats what I am asking...

Because most of the time when in these forums.. is that people don't seem to love comics. I just get this general sense of... bitterness towards comics and I don't understand why. People complain about stereotypes, sexism, racism, and any other word that ends in ism. But damn... in what forum of Media is it ever really fare? White Males dominate the field so what do you really expect? Same with TV... same with Film... So I guess the question is.. why are you so mad.. All the time? If you don't enjoy the book, the author, the artist, why not read somethign else? The market place typically tends to auto correct itself.

There are a few people on this subforum that I feel like I am always clashing with, and I respect that you have a different opinion. However if you don't agree with other people then you are wrong... Why? Seriously?

I like the New 52 and I love the Old Universe
I think Superman and Wonderwoman is a possible good Couple.
Clark Kent is Dead GOOD.
I like Harley's new Costume
I Miss Chunky Amanda Waller
But I understand that things change... And I am willing to accept that..

I wonder some days are you the same people that got mad when Women got the right to vote.( I Joke I Joke) anyways the questions are up,. My rant is done.
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To answer the main part of this....

Yes....I honestly enjoy comics...
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I'm sorry. Do explain why the current Lex, effete and limp-wristed as he is, is an improvement. I'm all ears.
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I guess I'll just say what I always do to questions like this.

I like comics, but I don't think comic book fandom need only be about the things people like, but also a space for talking about what they don't like.

I think issues of social justice matter, that people should get mad about them, and I want comics to do better; but that doesn't mean I can't or don't enjoy stories about white, cis, straight men. I don't think "that's the way things are" is an excuse for marginalization, or a reason not to press for what you want to see in comics.

The only reason it seems like some fans are mad "all the time" is because they are willing to devote paragraphs and threads with detailed explanations as to why they are disappointed with the comic or the company. And frankly I am hearted by that, because these detailed explanations, to me, are a sign of a vested interest in comics; most people who complain, who devote their time to writing out detailed responses, are doing so because they really want comics to succeed. They are saying what they don't like, and by extension how comics could do better.

But people get uncomfortable when others are willing to voice their complaints, and suddenly it seems like "the haters" are taking over, when that is really not the case in the scheme of things. The written word is just the most common and accessible method for most people to discuss their disappointment. But plenty of us, even the people who devote paragraphs to our disappointment, also talk about the things we like in other ways; fan art, fan fiction, squeeing over movies. Tumblr is full of that stuff. The internet is full of that stuff.

In fact, I did quit comics because I was tired of what I was reading, and because they pulled the only things that interested me enough to buy. That doesn't mean I'm not interested in what is going on, or that I don't keep monitoring or hoping that something will come along soon enough to make me want to buy again.

Also, specific to DC Comics - if you pay attention you will note that the majority of people who are upset about the changes aren't mad about change itself; in my case, the idea of a reboot still sounds fantastic - but I am not overly thrilled with what they did. Most people are upset about what has come out of those changes, as in - "They could have done all of these things, but this is what they chose to do? How uninspired."

I love most of the characters in comics. The stories are hit or miss. But essentially I want good storytelling without cheap gimmicks or retcons - where writers can finish what they start - and where continuity has enough respect that I don't have to worry whether or not the next time I pick up a Batman comic he's a hero or an a*****e. I want fresh writers and fresh artists, and the opportunity for less iconic characters to play larger roles and have awesome adventures (not just the same 10 people). I want to open a comic book and think, "Wow, this is a masterpiece."

Right now, comics aren't offering me all of those things, or even a significant portion. So I feel like saying why and hoping someone will do something about it.
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I think one reason that comic fans seem "pushier" about stuff than say, TV or movie fans, is because comic creators feel more... accessible to me? I've almost NEVER seen the writer of a TV show directly interacting with their fans, but a ton of comic creators have tumblrs and twitters and they do interviews all the time and even browse/post on message boards and comic communities. When people are unhappy about something the creators find out about it and often post a reaction to it. It feels like change is actually POSSIBLE when it comes to comics. Does it always work? No. But at the same time it doesn't feel just like talking to a wall.

I love comics as a whole. But there are things about them that I don't like too and one tends to get more discussion mileage out of things people disagree about than things that everybody agrees on.

FWIW I think comics in general portay lgbt characters better than most other media does.
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Lex Joseph Luthor
I'm sorry. Do explain why the current Lex, effete and limp-wristed as he is, is an improvement. I'm all ears.

I never was Really A Lex luthor Fan... I mean besides in Superman Returns.. he was the best part of that movie...

So you know who am I to judge...

But I do like Grant Morrison's Portrayal of Superman and Steel....
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Actually I respect that. I do agree wit hyou.. That comic books tend to move faster within the times then most other forms of Media..

I mean they still drop some ethnicity in pigeon holes with super powers (some). But no I agree with you... they do age well.

Asians- Karate of some type

Blacks- Lightning Power

People with Hispanic Heritage- Fire Power
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I like Some comics.
Saga is absolutely amazing. Journey Into Mystery, incredible fantasy book! (but Kieron Gillen is leaving!!!!! crying ). And I completely love the work Jeff Parker is doing with Red Hulk. And while I'm not one for ultra-violence and gore, I found the new Glory incredibly fascinating.
But not every book is Journey Into Mystery, we have Suicide Squad with the new skinny Amanda Waller, and Catwoman with her useless zipper. (Okay, I haven't read any of those titles, but I have problems believing a comic with such sexist representations of women are worth my time)
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I live comics, literally, I work in a comic book shop and I have never been happier. Teen Titans, Batgirl, Deathstroke, Batman, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Red Lantern Corps, and Deadpool are some of my favorites.
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I have never had a jealous bone in my body till i read you worked in a comic shop.
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I get why you would feel that some people aren't actually enjoying the content, but I wouldn't say that's true.
You can criticize something while still enjoying it. ie) Walking Dead is probably the most sexist thing I've ever read, but its excellent at making you feel the despair the characters are going through. The things they put Michonne through are ridiculous in comparison to her male counterparts, but I still read the series essentially just to keep up with the characters.

As for why I read comics, its a bit of all those things.
I'll read just about anything that has Loki in it. Watching him cause mischief (and sometimes doing genuinely terrible things) just to have it blow back in his face is a formula that I'll never tire of. Sometimes when I'm not doing so well I wonder how one of my favorite characters would handle things. If Kate Bishop wouldn't put up with the crap I'm going through, then I don't need to either.
And the comics themselves can be perfection on their own. I'll pick up titles I have no interest in if Alex Maleev is the artist, or Brian Michael-Bendis is the writer. Gillen can weave a tale like no other, and even though I don't like Rucka as a person, he is an amazing writer. Comics give an experience that other mediums can't.
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I do like comics and what they have done for me but I don't like the politics or business of comics. DC trinity should never be shipped canonly. BLECH.
Yeah i'm liked all comic super heroes,Specially Spidy.Kids really want to become a spider because they assumed it could be easy task to actions performed on buildings.. mrgreen
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I'm not a regular here and I usually lurk just to find new things to read, but I'll give my two cents.

For me comics are a very fascinating medium. The perfect combination or art and story. I find them captivating and I usually get pulled in instantly. Their only flaw is being expensive and I can only keep up with a handful of series at a time. I don't really talk about comics with other fans a lot, so I rarely see the negative sides of the fandom.
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I just recently started buying comics. But I've loved Marvel/DC characters for years, watching all their movies and shows.

A few days ago I got all 38 issues of the 2005 Green Lantern comic series, and just yesterday I got the Green Lantern Rebirth series.

Hal Jordan is definitely my favorite hero out of anyone else. He's cool as himself and even better as the Spectre. also I like his story and past a lot. I'm not a fan of the other lanterns, like Guy Gardner, Stewart, or Kyle Rayner. Although once i finish Hal's series I was thinking about looking into Kyle's series

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