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Mr Clark J Kent
Whoever came up with Cassie Sandsmark's new origin is a moron.

I find that I just keep wishing that the YJ version was canon instead.

Do you mean the original YJ comic? Or the cartoon that I only watch for snippets of Nolan North being "thatstotallynot"Connor?

I meant the cartoon version.

I like the voice acting on the cartoon. But there's just too much mashing up of different timelines and groups of people in it for me. And once again, Tim Drake is insulted by having to be mashed up with d**k. I'm glad you like tho. If I wasnt so stubborn, I'd probably like it more.
I've limited myself to several of the Batbooks (not all, I dont touch anything by Tony Daniels), Swamp Thing and Animal Man (which are both great, but not really part of continuity) and Green Lantern...which also doesnt really feel like its in continuity.

Oh, and Justice League Dark, which has your man Constantine in it (He's in Animal Man too).

Yeah, I've read JLDark. I think it's bollocks.

Swamp Thing and Animal Man were good, but in the end neither was compelling enough that I would remember to buy it. Same thing happened to Wonder Woman.
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Dear DC,

By the time you read this, I'll be gone. We had some good times, but we're at very different points in our lives right now. It's not you, it's me. You're exactly the same as you were in the 90s, and I've changed. I'm moving on with my life. I like engaging, complex stories with compelling characters and you think Lobdell and Winick are good writers. We're just not right for each other anymore. I just need some space to figure things out and it wouldn't be fair to you to lead you on.

But you know, I wish you the best of luck. We can totally keep in touch. I'll call you sometime, really. Take care of yourself.



PS. [******** you.

But they're so proud of the character! Didio said so himself! xd
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And Gail Simone has been fired from Batgirl.

Bleeding Cool

Even more insulting, she got fired by email.
Betting pool time! Who's the battery hen taking over writing Batgirl for Gail?

Scott Loebdell - 2:1

Ann Noceni - 3:1

Dan Didio - 8:1

Geoff Johns - 20:1

Harlan Ellison - 500:1

Some Female Novel writer Who Doesn't Know What She's Getting Into - 6:1
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They went for Ray Fawkes, which is unexpected. He's written for a lot of tabletop games in the goth/horror genre, and done comics of similar vein. Then again, he's also done this so you're guess is as good as mine as to the fit.

What's really amazing is he's never really worked much with DC and he doesn't seem to be coming from their bro-house.
Is Simone doing anything else for DC or is she out altogether?
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As far as I know, nada. She's doing a new comic with Jim Cali-something, whom she worked with on Secret Six, but it's not from DC.
Its almost like they're intentionally trying to drive the company off the fan-dom cliff.

"What? You mean we still have readers? WE'LL FIX THAT!"

The Gutters weighed in on this as well.

Edit: just got back from the comic shop and the rumor is that they're planning on killing off Barbara. of course I said that would be completely stupid, and there's no way they'd do something that dumb.

Which means it'll probably happen
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In a twitter reply Gail hinted that DC wanted someone killed off, ala Women in Refrigerators. Bab's mom, possibly? ninja
I don't know the major players in the book at the moment, but currently the idea of how to "shake things up" on a book as far as DC editorial is concerned is either "Make a character gay that previously wasn't" or "kill someone".

Wasn't this the company that claimed that it wanted to incorporate more women on the creative staff for diversity and all that just a year ago, and now they've rudely booted one of the most prominent female writers in comics.

Oh wait, the new DC is 90s marvel so writers aren't neccessary. You just need artists who know how to type a little.
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And more coming soon?

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rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl


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