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By: Shinji biggrin

Welcome to Wired² Productions! We have been a company with about four artists for two years now. Hooray! -confetti- But you see, that's all we have is four artists. We need much, much more. More artists, writers, a team of critique-ers, storyboard discussion, etc. That's why have started this thread, to hired.

We are currently looking into getting published, but first we need a full team, we also need someone to design us a website. We have a rather crappy one as of now, and need someone with HTML knowledge. So awaaaay we go!

When I get the chance I will make some nice drawn banners etc. :]

The original Four
What we need/requirements
Wanna join us?
Our team now..
Current Projects w/deadlines
The Original Four!

Name: Nicole Weisz
Position: CEO and artist
About: Hi, my name is Nicole, but here, I go by Lina. So everyone WILL call me that, or well, YHATZEE.
Anyway I'm one of the two head CEO's here at Wired. And I specifically specialize in Comic/Manga development, Story and Storyboard development, and Yhatzee development. As you seem I do have a little obsession with Yhatzee. In reality, I really dislike the game, but the word is just....YOMHATZEE. Good for everything.
Even though I love making friends, I ask that if you contact me, you have some reason for doing it. Not just to say "hi", you know. Just because that's annoying.
Did I also mention I'm the youngest out of the artists so far? Hah, you all gonna die!
Gallery: Primary Gallery Secondary Gallery
Contact Information: Gaia -- Nera_Kuta OR -Linnie Chan
Email -- theinfamouslin188@yahoo.com OR uta_chan188@hotmail.com

Name: Miranda Bradley
Position: CEO and Artist
About: Heyo, I'm Miranda, but everybody will call me Skye, or else. You see, I'm one of the two CEOs of this company, which means....I rule you all. I specialize in Comic/Manga Development, Storyline and Storyboard development, Illustration, and Poking-Dead-Things-With-A-Stick Development. That last one is the best. I'm the second oldest artist...Superiority rules! Although...I'm going to be one of the first ones with wrinkles....Superiority sucks! Heh, anywho, I love hearing from fans and such, but please.....for the love of all things art-related and comical.....PLEASE have a reason for E-mailing me...Just saying "Hi" isn't exactly a good fan....in other words...THERE BETTER BE AT LEAST THREE SENTENCES IN YOUR E-MAIL! ...Ahem, thank you and have a nice hour/day/month/year/life.
Gallery: Primary Gallery
Contact Information: Gaia -- Nera_Kuta or Skye Misanagi
Email -- brad1052@hotmail.com

Name: Elaine
Position: Artist
About: Not yet available
Gallery: Primary gallery
Contact Information: Not available

Name: Kirsty
Position: Artist
About: Not yet available
Gallery: Not available
Contact Information: Not Available! ;-;
What we need and our requirements...

We are currently searching for, ANYTHING, but we prefer you are very good at what you do. I.e: You art doesn't look like stick figures, or you drew it with your eyes closed, or your writing isn't a bunch of un descriptive crap. We apologize for any of those whom we may have offended.

As for our requirements, I require that you are able to draw the human body well [artists], and for writers that you can write non-cliche, descriptive scripts, and you can take our ideas for stories without being snobby, and organize them into a fully fledged plot. I also request that you know how to spell and have good grammar.
Interested yet? Have no fear! A form has arrived!

Name: This can be your real name, or nickname, or as I prefer, both. Last name is not demanded.
Position you would like to request: Artist/writer/Stock artist/critique-er/discussion group/etc [If you can think it, then we need it. :] Even a banner artist, a secretary, and a website designer!]
About: Very simple, info about you.
Gallery or Example, or whatever you need to show us to show that you can do your requested position well:
Contact info: A gaia account, and an email address.
Other: Simple, anything else you'd like to include. :]

Name: (real)John Cheshire ]-[arrow(gaia).
Position you would like to request: Secretary
About: I am 16, I am organised, persistant and your master, I also like chicken, but only on fridays.. xD
Gallery or Example: ummm <.< I have a few bones left over from last week.
Contact info: Gaia account: ]-[arrow email/msn: cra3y_j@hotmail.com
Other: Umm I'm only mostly all the time. Though time difference could cause to be a problem.

[Star Dust]
Heeey, you replied to my orginalness thread.

Anyways, I'll apply for the heck of it.

Name: Kristen, but I go by Kris a lot.
Position you would like to request: Artist/Writer, I'd love either.
About: Um, well, lessee here. I'm petite. Not SHORT. I'm just petite. Lol, anyways real stuff, I suppose I should say that'll get me accepted or something. I get most of my ideas from dreams or something, or just listening to songs, being random, blahdedadedaaaa. Started drawing last year from a book and it's pretty cool. Written a bunch of stories in notebooks over the years. First story was a fan fic of HP and was very horrible in 3rd grade. 3nodding
Gallery or Example, or whatever you need to show us to show that you can do your requested position well: Ummm I don't have one lol, but here's a link to my newest drawing.Newest Drawing
Contact info: [Star Dust] and mividaesmimusica@aol.com
Other: I'm soooo hungry! gonk

Oh, screw it. stare
Name: B. Glenn
Position you would like to request: Artist and for what it's worth I can proofread pretty well.
About: 17 years old with no experience at all, but I can research stuff like no tomorrow and I'm pretty determined when I want to be.
dA linky: http://sora506.deviantart.com/gallery/?order=9
Contact info: email=sango506@yahoo.com but you can pm me anytime I guess.

Name: enchantedsleeper

Position you would like to request: Erm, well, I think I could do a few of these ^^ so I'll put more than one.
Writing is my best strength, but I also can critique pretty well. ^^ I write reviews for the Gaian Press ^_^
Discussion group... Well sure, I can discuss XD
I think I could do a banner if I put my mind to it, but there are probably better people out there. n_n

About: Um, I love the internet and writing and I'd do both all day if only I didn't have stupid school. >< I also love languages. I like drawing a lot but chibis are the only thing I'd go as far as to say I'm good at; I'm working on doing people with correct proportions though.
I'm in the process of making a webcomic, I'm not far into it but it's a lot of fun!
Oh, and I also love anime and manga. And roleplaying. n_n

Gallery or Example, or whatever you need to show us to show that you can do your requested position well: Well, let's see... Here's links to some of my stories:
And my account on Fanfiction.net:
And to my review thread in the Gaian Press guild:
Oh! And here's a banner I made once, for free:

Contact info: enchantedsleeper, and my email address is xynnia@hellokitty.com

...Don't you dare laugh D:

Other: Well, I'm on almost every day, usually for a decent amount of time, and I'm happy to do more than one thing if you want me to n_n

i guess I'll apply biggrin

Name: Catherine, Cat
Position you would like to request: Artist/Writer
About: Well. I like Cats and Magical girls.
Gallery or Example, or whatever you need to show us to show that you can do your requested position well: Art gallery Writing example The writing example is kinda old and based on the Naruto series. But I think its good.
Contact info: Doriya, azumi_motomiya@yahoo.com

Takumo Tsukamoto
Name: Michael, nickname:Takumo Tsukamoto
Position you would like to request: Artist
group/etc: comic artist
About: Well I have been talented with art my whole life, but I started getting interested in manga style art around 12 or 13 years old. After that I started collecting instructional books and self studying to improve the qaulity of my art and am hopeful about getting this job to get practice and experience in the real field of manga art and meet new and interesting people.
Gallery or Example: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v181/mikew2/smpl.jpg

your requested position well: Artist
Contact info: Takumo Tsukamoto (gaia account)
Other: I would just like to add that I would greatly apprecate the chance to become an artist for you and your company.

I wouldn't mind doing costume design...
Name: ladyranozenth

Position you would like to request: Costume designer/or character designer

About: I feel like taking a nap. I'm working on two other projects at the moment, so I can't deal with a lot of work, but I should be able to deal with stuff in either of these categories.

Gallery or Example: devart
I don't have many character and/or costume designs on there. but if you want to test me out, just send me a character description/costume specs.

Contact info: ranozenth@hotmail, ranozenth@yahoo, the devart up there, and here.

Name: Lisa G., Fei

Position you would like to request: Artist/banner artist
*note: I'm not a reliable artist...I will maybe slack off, but as for banners and such, I'll be gladly to do it. ^^

About: err, hrrm. I'm 14. and yeah...

Gallery or Example: http://julichien.deviantart.com, I don't make a lot of banners, but I'm able to. http://s22.photobucket.com/albums/b321/natsuyoru/ [my lil pb]

Contact info: this one lol [aiyue], and xxlaydeedeath[at]yahoo.com

Other: ....err...hi?

Name: Wasted_Dawn, but people call me Wasted for short XD
Position you would like to request: I'll do any of that writing stuff - writing, dialouge, etc. But Character Development is my forte. Plus, it's fun.
About: I like writing. A lot. I've published a play. I write like crazy, and I'm pretty dedicated. In addition to that, I've got a whole bunch of characters and stories sitting around on my computer with nowhere to go XD.
Gallery or Example: Here's the play:
Contact info: PM, or contact me at Wasted_Dawn19@hotmail.com
Other: Um...I'm willing to give anything A go.

Name: Sarah

Position you would like to request: well im a writer but im better at dialogue.

About: well im horribly addicted to anime. im also not a very good speller unless i have spell check. and im currently writing a story.

Gallery or Example, or whatever you need to show us to show that you can do your requested position well: uhhh....well part of the story im working on is on fanfiction.com http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3325679/1/

Contact info: the easiest way to get me is here but my hotmail is sweet_wild_lynx@hotmail.com

Other: umm....well i work and my schedule changes with the college schedule (i got a weird boss) i have a vivid imagination.

Silirien Fiery
Name: Fiery Silirien. And even though it's spelled like that, you pronounce it as, 'fear-ee'.
Position: Artist
About: I'm thirteen. I think I draw okay, but I get so impatient that my drawings barely show how good I really am at it. I like to write, I get lots of story ideas often, but the problem is that I get monstrous writer's blocks, if you could call me a writer. My moods change very quickly, I might even have schizophrenia, they say.
Gallery: I put an example of my art up there. I'm working on a fanfic, here's a link http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3039666/1/
Contact info: suikoden3fan@yahoo.com. Yes, I like Suikoden, and I won't be surprised if few or none of you know about it.

Is there a pay? (I'm sorry I didn't check out the whole thread, only a few pages of it.) Regardless, I'll be interested to apply.

Name: c00ki3 (alias) Tan Hui Tian (real name)
Position you would like to request: Editor(in some sense, that's similar to being a critic, but with other supporting tasks) and/or concept artist
About: I've been interested to help out in the comic industry for quite a long time. I've got some ideas on how the industry work, so I think I should be able to be an asset to the team.
Gallery or Example, or whatever you need to show us to show that you can do your requested position well: Taking into consideration the fact that I do not have a scanner nor a tablet, my gallery is limited to cg works I did on mouse. I'm a rough draft artist for another webcomic in making (though it's not very active now) and have been a critic for the artist hospital in gaia for quite a while. Here's my gallery: http://tanhuitian.deviantart.com/
Contact info: I'm c00ki3 on Gaia, and tanhuitian@hotmail.com is my email address. I'm available there on msn messenger as well.
Other: It'll be such a honor if I do get selected. : D May I request that you inform me by PM if I do get in?

Name: The Peach Queen
Position you would like to request: Character Artist or just artist.
About: I'm 15 years old, I've been drawing my entire life. I like food, not fast food but different foods from all around the world. But sadly my artwork does not reflect my stomach but my brain. Lol.
On deviantart I don't really post alot of my work on there, just because i don't feel like it. I have lots of interests like reading fanfiction and making little characters that I've made up and putting them into stories.
Gallery: [x] My deviantart acount, like I said i haven't really updated in a while, but I made one update of something old, it's not even an update. XP. Most of the stuff on there are just tablet sketches I've done.
Contact info: fruitpeach2034, email: fruitpeach2034@gmail.com
Other: uhhhh I'm korean. and I'm female. I write sometimes, little things like fanfiction, but they aren't good.

If there are more things I need show you like more artwork please tell me so I can show you if you need them. ^__^

<( O )>{ok here it is mrgreen

Name: C2K
Position you would like to request: Character Artist and Character Development
About: I’m a 14 year old male artist with great talent (at least that’s what I think XP) I absolutely love to draw! I have been drawing ever since the age of three. biggrin My interests in drawing are cartoons and a little anime and even a mix of both. I may not be perfect in such things but I’m a fast learner and I love to learn new art styles. X3 I am quiet in real life but on the computer I’m really outgoing (in most times >w< wink and I love to make new friends that are into drawing as much as me. :3
Gallery: www.c2k5580.deviantart.com (My drawings are really old and I couldn’t update it because my stupid computer, so in the mean time, I’m gonna put some recent drawings I made on here……..soon)
Contact info: PM me or email at c2k5580@hotmail.com

}<( X )>

Name: Sam Freemantle , e-Kracken, Grampybones2000, the-intern
Position you would like to request: Writer
About: 17, good grades <90% in English, 3d modeler, Soon-to-be head of school manga/anime club, vancouverite, xXx/metal head (megadeath and black sabbath in Vancouver w00t)/rudeboy, former intern (office B**CH), obsessed with cyberpunk.
Gallery or Example: this is my file on a little protect i roughed out awhile ago Dload here
Contact info: Sam_Freemantle@yahoo.ca OR sam_Freemantle@hotmail.com, I have trillian so it dose not matter what you have.


Shinji, Scott, or my pen name, Skyner.
Writer and Banner Artist
I'm 15 years old. I like random things, I love to write, I love anime, and I'm currently on a manga project for my Library, but who said I can't multi task?
We heard a sound to our right, and we both turned, blades flashing in the dim light, but it was only a crab falling off of a small ledge. After a moment of deafening silence, a whisper of a slither was behind us, then a cracking sound. Abasti turned right into the lunging beast. As she screamed, the beast tore at her arms and torso. In pure shock and terror, I froze. I couldn't take my eyes off the beast ripping apart my Love's skin and muscle. I saw the whites of her bone and eyes as life passed from her. Abasti was dead. She was gone. And I was left alive. In pure anger and hate, I crashed the vase of rosemary on the back of the demon's neck. I could see the steam rising as the herb burned through it's skin. It shook and quivered in pain as I cried. I cried of sorrow and grief over my love as I pierced Erosmet's heart with my falchion. It had killed my dear Abasti, and in doing so, Erosmet ripped my heart in two, it was only fair that I stopped its own heart. It was only fair that I killed it, release the hate and anger that I felt. Anger and hate not only to Erosmet, but to myself for allowing her to join me. I kicked its corpse off of Abasti then, with tears flowing strong from my eyes, I kneeled at her side. I cradled her in my arms, my robe soaking in her crimson blood. I held her tight and prayed. I prayed to Isis and Osiris, gods I have never prayed to before, but they were the only ones I knew of that could bring her back to me.

-Extract from LOVE AND A BEAST-
PM me for full copy.

:Banner Art:
Feral Inc. Banner
User Banner
Eternal City
InterSpecies High: The Guild
The Castle of Candles

Contact info:
[.SHINJI.] or SuperDuperSkinner@yahoo.com
I like pie and I know plenty of useless information. :]


John Cheshire - Secretary He' quit gaia. Psh.. xD
Kristen - Writer
Enchantedsleeper - Writer, critique-er, dissussion groupist
Catherine - Artist and writer
Michael - Artist
[.SHINJI.] - Banner artist, secretary
Our team now!

CEO's: Lina, Skye

Secretary[s]: ]-[arrow

Manga Artists: Lina, Skye, Elaine, Kirsty, Cat

Writers: [Star Dust], enchantedsleeper, Cat

Stock Artist: [If we need a pose, but can't think of how the body would exactly look, this is where you come in!]

Critique-ers: Lina, enchantedsleeper

Storyboard Development: Lina, Enchantedsleeper

Discussion Group: enchantedsleeper

Costume Designer: [Take costumes and tweak them, or design the costumes completely!]

Colourist: [Colours art. Simple as that.]

Website Designer: [Designs a website for all of us. Even simpler.]

Character Development: [Helps to keep any characters from being a Mary-sue or Gary-stue. Helps by putting the characters in certain situations to see how they will react. In other words, they develop them!]

Scenic Artist: [takes pictures of landscapes, or draw them..]

Art Manager: [Organizes the art, and stories by genre/story/what person is drawn/who drew it/ etc]

Character Artist: [Gathers references of all the characters, and combines them into a well designed image]

Banner Designer: Michael
Current Projects w/deadlines:

None as of now..
-reveals nice large shiny scissors and snips the red ribbon- We are officially open!
Yay! One new member has been added! biggrin
=o wow your right, xD
Mind if I ask where your website is hosted? Do you have your own domain?

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