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What do you have done so far for your comic(s)? Are there any extra details you want to share?

For my main comic:
►one character sketch
►a few plots written down
►characters/plot development in my head for 9+ years
►temporary title (still in development)

Everything is in my head and none of it is on paper. (一。一;; ) I still need to redesign my main character's personality/characteristics because she's been such a Mary Sue for so long.

I need to work on smaller comics before tackling a huge project like my main comic, so I've come up with about 35 one-shot ideas (I've written down the rough ideas and numbered them in a memo book I carry around). I wager I have to get through them all and get experience before going into my main comic. So many ideas, so little time! (*≧m≦*)
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Uhhh... well, main comic aside... Power Rush is 15 pages in... though the first chapter is still not finished. Hopefully soon.

I've got a few plans for another series, but nothing drawn out yet. Will be art intensive if I ever even do it, so I'll actually need some focus.

I've attempted to sketch a character for yet another concept which will be art-light, a sort of copypaste clipart-style comic... but I'm not happy with it, so I'll have to redraw.

My biggest problem is that I have so many ideas, but neither the time, nor the energy, nor the skill to actually follow through.
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I spent about 8 months coming up with the general arc, character designs, etc. I've got the first chapter written, 15 pages storyboarded and 5 pages completed. the first page is online as well as the chapter title page.
even tho I could benefit from more practice, I figure, what practice is better than just doing the dang thing?

I actually think, okayprince, that you follow my comic on smackjeeves rofl
I am actually working on a story idea right now. I'm writing it all out, from beginning to end. I plan to look it over, after the rough draft and figure out how to turn it into comic material. I'm still at the beginning, nearing the middle?
tuna yo
I actually think, okayprince, that you follow my comic on smackjeeves rofl

ahaha i do! XD
600+ pages... which sounds impressive, until you realize I started drawing it in October 2005. emotion_facepalm

HOWEVER, today I finished six pages of it. Feeling pretty good about that!
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I just started working on the fifth chapter of one of my comics, and just recently put up the 50th comic in the other.

The best thing you can do for your comic is start it. razz Just take the plunge.
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I have 200+ pages of my comic so far...

Two others are still in the planning stages.
Partially Infected is my main comic...

Main 3 characters have extensive bios and tons of art... one needs me to write down his history, it's still in my head.
3 side characters all have art but don't have good bios yet.
All bio images need to be remade/made.

20 comics up, 35 comics finished, 68 comics sketched out/written

I'm working right now to get them they're own smackjeeves page, right now they're on deviant.
Character and scenery designs, the entire script, and about seven pages--which I'm considering redrawing.

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