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Inking, coloring, other stuff like looking at hosting options mostly. Today I'm hoping to get some stuff scanned.
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Got a friend to read over my script with a pen.
Got more crit on script.
Started thumbnails! I've got three and a half pages thumbnailed so far.
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Did thumbnails for four more pages, a short scene that sets up fun horrible times in the next scene. This chapter's 21 pages so far, I'm a bit afraid it might end up too short. But we'll see! If the next scene ends up taking 7 pages, that'll be perfect.
Still trying to find that damn ruler. >8| Also trying to see what happens when I attempt panels without it.

Note: I have really bad astigmatism.
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Trying my hands at that cover again... and then I am going to sketch out the next page for my update tomorrow.
FIRST PAGE UPLOADED. I'm going to wait until the chapter's done to ask for a critique. I have a lot more to do, but I'm pretty happy with what I've gotten done today.
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Note: I have really bad astigmatism.

Hey, I'm astigmatic too! High five for eyesight problems! biggrin
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Trying REALLY hard to make thumbnails for my comic, but it's like I come up with 3 great compositions and then the rest are crap IMO. I wish there was magic pixie dust...
Solved a script snag. In retrospect, I must've gotten rusty; this scene should not have been this tricky to write.

Attempting to do some non-comic related things now; if I have time afterwards, I'm hoping to do some thumbnailing.
Note: I have really bad astigmatism.

Hey, I'm astigmatic too! High five for eyesight problems! biggrin

YAY! Not only that, I'm also near-sighted! 8D (Yes, I have REALLY thick glasses)

And I'm just going to rework an old story, and maybe get a new ruler tomorrow. I mean, they're like $1, if that much. :/
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The scene I had hoped would be 7 pages was 3 pages. Any longer would have just been too much. I could have decompressed a couple of parts and squeezed out a couple of extra pages, but I rather like the pagination I have going on here, even if there are a couple of cluttered pages.

Now I don't know what I should do tomorrow: Start sketching+lettering chapter 4? Start thumbnailing chapter 5? Work on that tutorial I keep putting off?
Slacking sounds nice...
i came up with the idea for the comic and going to start it today
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I googled trains for hours for webcomics next weeks page. I hope get stuff done during this weekend since I do not have any homework.

And remember the secret to success: GET BACK TO WORK.
Hey, thanks for the reminder.

*Briefly, I lurked the Diamond Distributors webpage for information.
(I know, I'm getting ahead of myself.)

*Then, I wrote some questions to myself about my comic. (What compels the main character to do X, Y, and Z? How does the antagonist know ____? Etc.)
I try not to over-think these questions, or search for the answers right off the bat.
I often find the characters answering most of these questions anyway.
Worked on the biological systems of an alien species that's based on bees.

BECAUSE I LOVE BEES. >8| No, seriously, I love bees. I think they're adorable, amazing little animals. >3<

Oh, and uh, character designs. I want the males to look relatively humanoid in appearance, while the females are decidedly not. You know, instead of the other way around like it usually is. I think my current design of the females looks a bit...cutesy. And that must be remedied.

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