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Does anyone know of a genuinely good webcomic? I don't care what it's about, but it had to be a web-based comic. I don't care if it's superheroes, comedy, cartoon, children's, religious/nonreligious, action, political, historic fiction, fantasy, sci-fi. Don't care. But it has to be a web-based, owner-published comic. Or maybe one of you sells your own personally made comics in physical form. if that is so, I woulfd be more than happy for you to direct me to your page so I can give it a shot. (Please, nothing from pennyArcade).

I am putting this under this topic since I know many of you probably either write/draw or know someone who does comics.
Hi biggrin lol

I do own a webcomic if you want to give it a try:

But my personal favorites are,
A red tail's dream

All high quality in art/story! smile
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I'm seconding Unsounded.

You might also try the Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal(not linking that because there are a few parts that are NSFW). There's also The Fox Sister which is one a friend linked me too recently.
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there's homestuck, helvetica, gunnercrigg court, oglaf (NSFW), cucumber quest, monsterkind, monster pop!...
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Hmm, you must not be looking too hard if you cannot find any 'genuinely good' webcomics. Though, truly, genuinely good is all a form of opinion. Whether you like something or not is your personal preference.

A few of my favourite webcomics currently are:

          Fisheye Placebo - "Through the distorted lens I found a cure."
          Updates are slow and there's not much currently but it's beautifully done and the story has been in the works for more than a year. Really funny and engaging so far.

          Hanna is Not a Boy's Name - "On a very surface level it’s about an overactive ginger idiot trying to be a paranormal detective and sort of sucking but having an undead partner that is (surprisingly) better at it than he is."
          Never gonna update again but what's there is amazing and probably the most unique paneling technique in sequential artwork I've ever come across.

          Rasputin - "Rasputin is a grey haired kid who moves to the big city! Oh what horrors awaits him in this new town!?"
          Always going to be one of my favourite webcomics and I'll always promote it. I believe it's genuinely great, with it's strengths in humour and awesome characters. The artwork develops over time but it does so quickly, if you can bare twenty or so experimental pages.

          Prague Race - "PRace is a story about friendship and adventure."
          A slightly more recent discovery for me, this is a really well written webcomic that uniquely keeps a very traditional look. It's really quite awesome and a few parts make you feel absolutely unnerved because of how the tension builds.The author's posted that she'll be printing it sometime so I'm looking forward to getting a hardcopy if shipping allows~

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i do godsend, which i think is pretty good:

and i read the following, all of which are amazing:

o human star
string theory
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YOu can send it to cave scans, It will grow faster I guess

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