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I do like this daveroxy thing though. I also shipped Dave/Rose before i found out that their ecto related too.

I shipped them 5848594385% times more after I found out they were ecto related.

Actually I ship Dave with his whole family.

I can ship dave with just about anyone

same with karkat

it always works

....actually why did i stop shipping daverose after ectosecret

s**t can i just ship everyone

I don't really like Karkat for some reasons...(the character never grew on me, at all)
But otherwise, I don't care about 90% of the ships, and I don't have any real specific shipping preference. Only fan stuff that I like, otherwise, I don't give much of a crap.
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I ship packages mostly, which is why PM is my favorite character. She's a better shipper than Nepeta!

no but really I ship anything I feel like shipping, basis or not, and I don't really care much about what other people ship until it's forced on me (don't do that guys)
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-- gustsyGumshoe [GG] began pestering randomThread [RT] at ?? : ?? --

        GG: I have no preference what so ever when it comes to shipping and sometimes it can give me a headache seeing people get so worked up about shipping and their beloved OTPs when someone doesn't necessarily agree with them.
Ramcus Ramazi

help omg im going to cRY HELLO FELLOW HOMESTUCK

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-- gustsyGumshoe [GG] began pestering randomThread [RT] at ?? : ?? --

        GG: Aww holy cow you're awesome.
        GG: If you want to add me that would be totally sweet. X3
        GG: Actually, any of you rad cats can add me, I always accept. cool
I don't really give a damn for shippings. I just go along with whatever the author hints. And I mean in a sensible way. Not like creepy fangirls who see Dave and Karkat recent brawl as if they are having sex on wild thorny rosebush. I swear. Some fans only see what their imaginations see and go a bit far to explain/or be overly defensive/angry.

That said, not all shippers are like this. Some just do it for fun and would not take it seriously if the author goes against them.
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That book look excellent.
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Nooo...!!! ;__;
What's everyone's feelings on shipping Jade? I like DaveJade, but JadeKarkat is really cute as well. Any other thoughts?
DAVE: oh my god
DAVE: why is this happening


As for Jades... Hmm. Dave and Jade I like. Karkat? I dunno. If something does go through there, expect another volume of Karkat's thick books.
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This is
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Rose omfg! XD I have never loved her more than in this moment..... redface heart
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-- gustsyGumshoe [GG] began pestering randomThread [RT] at ?? : ?? --

        GG: Dat book. *bites lip*
        GG: Rose has got the right idea. emotion_dowant

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Attagirl, Rose.
Sweet, sweet, cheesy Alternian bodice ripper novels.
I bet it would be unparalleled kinds of hilarious.

...In fact, were it real, it would be amongst the few pieces of Homestuck merch I would consider buying.

(Admittedly aside from the groan-inducing terrible writing, I would be in it for the absurd m/m m/f f/f quadrant apocalypse.)

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