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I'm starting a new comic, and I'll be updating a new page every Monday and Thursday at 19:00 EST.

Since it's my first comic i would like to know how is it going and well...general impressions about it and to know what other platforms are really good to upload a comic.

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A normal day of tiresome work at College turns into a nightmare in the hands of a festive intruder.

hope you like it!

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Obsessive Tipper

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Looks very interesting from just the image provided
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It didn't seem like my sort of thing from the first few pages, but I liked the colours you're using, and though you have some work to do with anatomy and mark-making, you're definitely headed towards an interesting style with this comic.

Three things put me off, all related to your environments:

- The cover has a filtered photo for a background. That reeks of laziness and made me want to stop reading (though I'm glad I read a few more pages). The rest of the comic apparently has drawn ones and they look fine for the most part. Very few comics can pull off the photo background thing and the ones that do use photos consistently. I don't think your comic needs that.

- In some of your panels, the perspective is blatantly wrong, while it looks correct in other parts (even in the same panel!). Are you copying photos and then adding new elements? It looks a bit like that. I recommend brushing up on how perspective works and doing your work from scratch. I know construction lines and the like are an annoying time-waster, but after some practice, you'll be able to draw things with almost no guides. You seem to lack an intuition for perspective for now, that's all. Practice can build intuition.

- The perfect, straight, thin lines in your backgrounds feel at odds with the organic, more squiggly lines in your characters. In some parts where you apparently freehand the backgrounds, everything looks great together! Do more of that. Perhaps do your guidelines in pencil with a ruler, and then ink them freehand so that it all looks consistent.

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