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yum_tuna So I'm a senior in high school and I have plans to start a webcomic sometime soon after high school. That way I'll have time to think, sit around, and draw and such. However, I need some advice.

1. Should I color every page or just color important pages (such as chapter covers, cover pages, bonus pages...)?
2. Which website should I host it on? Until I find a job, I may just use a webcomic site, but which? SmackJeeves, maybe? If I find a job, I'll just buy a domain.
3. How often should I update? I wanted to do twice a week (if I'm not coloring the pages) or once a week (if I'm coloring the pages).

And I may add some more questions sometime soon. v u v yum_strawberrypie
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1. Color or no color (and everything in between) should be a consideration for how much time you have to devote to your comic in addition to the mood you want to convey in your comic. Stark black and white? Screentone? Grayscale? Monochrome? Limited palette? I think it would be good to do some style tests to see what works for your workflow and your comic.

2. Smackjeeves is fine. I'm kind of between Smackjeeves and Comicfury with my comics.

3. I think one page a week is the bare minimum. Any less than that and it's hard to pay attention to reading. I think updating once a week with a batch of 2-3 pages works best because it flows better, but it's not exactly the easiest schedule to stick to. But if you make a buffer and maintain it, it's just a matter of sticking to it. >_> Well, sticking to it is the hard part. *gross sobbing over her excessive hiatus*
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I agree with Kaxen with what she said on color. But I would add to pay attention to how it makes your work look. Some artist's work reads better in color, and some are strongest in black and white (and maybe gray).

I personally use Comic Fury for mine. I haven't used SmackJeeves, but I chose not to try it because the webname with the .smackjeeves in it doesn't look the best if you're hoping to go with a more professional look.

It's up to you. Definitely get a good buffer up before you start to update. As you work, pay attention to how long it takes you to get a page done. Then base your updates on that. But do at least one page a week. Comics with sporadic updates tend to have a very hard time getting a loyal reader base because the readers never know when to check for an update, and can possibly get angry and cease reading if they feel that an update took too long to happen.
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1. Color or no color is all up to you. Try doing few pages in color and see how much extra time it needs. Also you will see if you enjoy doing it for longer period. Also, as already mentioned, think about how it fits to overall mood of your work.
2. I am used to smackjeeves layout and function the best.
3. See how fast you can make pages first. If you can make at least 3 pages per week next to your other daily work, 2 per week would make nice flowing webcomic. I am a bit onsecure about my page rate so I do 1 obligatory page per week+ occasional extra page for hollidays or when I have something personal to celebrate.
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gaia_star oh, whooooa, these are all really good! (:

i've been debating the color, but i know for a fact i can be very lazy at times, so i avoid coloring...but i can do black, white, and grays! v uv

as for webcomic sites, i think smackjeeves would be best for me, since i've used it before for a pilot comic. and the fastest i can make pages depends on the time, but i'm able to do two an evening. but two a week is good too! v uv

thank you all aaaah <33333 this really helps! if you'd like, i'd like to tell you all what i have so far as an idea for my story! gaia_star
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I say do at least one page/strip a week always. Also pace yourself. By that I mean don't burn through all your ideas as soon as ya get em. Take your time with them, set up a regular production that you can manage but at the same time doesn't leave ya gasping for ideas either. Some strips/pages don't come out as well when ya just do em as soon as they come to ya while others do. Learning to recognize which is which will help you out a lot.
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This is helping me. I've been looking for the same assistance; I'm in the same position as you, as I am a senior wanting to start a web-comic once I have time.
You can publish on your own website/blog or alternatively have a good site host you, like comicfury, mangamagazine or smackjeevies.

I've been looking to start a webcomic myself.

If you need help, I'd volunteer to help out. I can do simple coloring and cell-shading.

Hit me up. :3

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